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NECA: Defenders of the Earth Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Ming Sneak Peek

I told you there would still be some surprises in-store for 2020! This is a good one, too! I am sure you remember back at Toy Fair in February when NECA unveiled the first prototypes to their new Defenders of the Earth line. Ah, back when everything was a wonderfully normal as it can be. The GREAT news is that the first series release is coming soon, and we have a sneak peek at The Phantom, Flash Gordon, and Ming the Merciless!

Now, as the title indicates, this is just a quick sneak peek at these new figures. They are set to start releasing in the first quarter of next year, and as we get closer to that date, trust me, we will have a full First Look with tons of pictures and a complete review.

Right now, I have just a bit of information about the impending release, as well as some bits about the inclusions and accessories.

This all-new line, called “The Defenders of the Earth,” celebrates the the 35th anniversary of the show based on the King Features Syndicate characters. It is being done under the banner of NECA’s familiar Reel Toys execution.

While this line is NOT exclusive to a specific retailer, Wal-Mart WILL have about a 30 day advance window on these prior to them releasing more widely. So, when the time comes, if you want them right away, Wal-Mart will be your hunting grounds.

Sculpting and package art for these three figures was handled by Djordje Djokovic.

Randy mentioned that they are very much interested in exploring more for this line if it is successful, so there are still a lot of possibilities for the future.

Like I said, we will have a lot more on this coming soon, but since it was hinted that these would be coming soon during our FwooshCast with Randy, he was nice enough to share these with us for peek. I am not going to give away too much more now other than to say that these figures are really well done, and the sculpting and articulation is all top-notch.

Stay tuned for much more soon, and have a good holiday!

*Thanks to Randy and the team at NECA for sending these new figures along for a sneak peek!