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Hasbro: Haslab Marvel Legends Sentinel Tier 3 Revealed and Surpassed!

It’s….it’s showing no signs of slowing!

Things have been busy around the house today so I missed the reveal of Tier 3 with the female Prime Sentinel, but didn’t matter….it’s now funded and will be included with the Sentinel.

To recap, you get the 26.3 inch fully articulated Sentinel with a bendy tentacle, along with a Bastion figure that has an alternate Prime Sentinel head.

With Tier 1 we got an alternate Master Mold head.

Tier 2 brought us an alternate damaged head and hand.

And now tier 3. The Hasbro Pulse team is hinting at more Tier goals, replying to comments of “Will there be more?” to stay tuned. I still think they were caught off-guard at how fast this took off and are playing catch-up. Not a bad thing! If you want a Sentinel or two, you can pre-order yours now!