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Top 5: Star War Black Series Repaints and Re-Use

Between the Carbonized figures, Gaming Greats, and the latest Kit Fisto wave, it feels like Hasbro has been repainting or re-using a lot of figures lately. I don’t particularly have a problem with re-paints or figures that re-use a lot of parts when it makes sense, so it got me thinking about what re-paints or heavy parts re-use figures I’d like to see.

I think if you ask most toy collectors they will tell you they prefer all-new, dedicated sculpting for each new figure. I tend to agree, but sometimes a repaint or a little parts tweak makes sense. I know re-paintng or re-using parts is more cost effective for the company and better for their bottom line, so I was thinking about the type of figure where it would make sense to repaint or re-use parts rather than go all new and that I would be interested in buying.

#5 Wolffe Pack

The clones are a repaint gold mine and I know people still have a hard time tracking down that Phase II clone four-pack that featured the blue 501st, Obi-Wan’s orange 212th division, the red Coruscant Guards and…the green ones. I’m personally most interested in getting clones painted in the gray Wolffe Pack gray color scheme to go with Plo Koon and Commander Wolffe. They were featured in a few key episodes and Wolffe needs some brothers by his side.

I could also see getting really specific and repainting some 501st members like Dogma, Appo, Kix, Hardcase, and Jesse and, of course the Ahsoka-themed helmet versions too. I feel like Commander Bly is also lonely and could use some troops to command as well. Hasbro did just re-tool the Clone body, I have to think they have plans to use it (hope it’s good).

#4 Sabine Wren

Rebels is my favorite Star Wars thing running, so I’m always after more Rebels stuff. Sabine got a new color scheme every season on Rebels, so I’d love to see that represented in figure form, especially season 2 with the blue hair.

Sabine had a mission gear look which included armored gauntlets, ammo straps on her boots, and an extra belt, so if they added those extra parts I’d gladly buy the season 1 colors again with that look, but I’d also buy the original figure repainted with the blue hair.

In season 3 she gets new armor on her shins, a slightly different hair do and the jet pack and the hair style is a little different, but you could repaint those changes for season 4 look if they added the extra parts.

#3 Hoth Troopers

The recent Hoth Trooper release is one of the most army-building friendly action figures I’ve ever seen a major company release. I’ve already got three and I would buy more if they just added a couple new face swaps or go the Battelfront II route and add some alternate heads for the alien skins like Sullustans or Quarren.

Another thing they could do is add a bit more straps and gear and a heavy blaster like the Z-6 rotary cannon to make it into a Battlefront II heavy Hoth Trooper.

Speaking of Battlefront, the officer on Hoth is basically a repainted Hoth Han Solo, so a new hood down piece and head would give you a whole other figure. At least I need to keep that one in mind for a custom.

This philosophy could also apply to the rebel fleet trooper with a new head and some extra gear you can make a cool new Battlefront II specific versions.

#2 Arc Troopers

Arc Troopers are elite Clones and something I see customized with great regularity on custom forums using the regular clone figure as a base. You’d need new heads, packs, shoulderpads, chest pieces as well as boots. Okay, maybe this one isn’t as economical as I was originally thinking, but the Sideshow Fives and Echo look so amazing and I think Hasbro could do them justice.

Fives and Echo were two Arc troopers that probably got the most face time in The Clone Wars, but the repaint potential is also pretty high for others. I’d love one for every division we already have and also this really cool black version from Battlefront II.

#1 Animated Boba Fett

I could not care less about carbonized Boba Fett and I know most collectors are really focused on getting a Return of the Jedi Boba Fett, but I would absolutely love a straight repaint of the Fett figure in Holiday Special colors.

The Sideshow version of this is a beauty. They could even include Mando’s pulse rifle painted orange! I would like it if Hasbro went all new on the ROTJ Fett with more flexible and current articulation and then repaint that for this version, but I’d take an ESB repaint too.

Those are my top five re-use and repaint figures, what are yours? Or are you completely against the idea? Let us know down below or on our forums.