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Best of 2019 : Transformers Siege Springer

“I’ve got better things to do tonight than die.”

With that one line from the Transformer movie, Springer instantly became the coolest transformer I had ever seen. Sure the rest of that movie scarred eight year old me for life, but I was amazed by Springer. He was snarky, and smooth. He was heroic and determined. As my friend DisThunder dubbed him “robot Han Solo” was an instant favorite of mine.

There have been many attempts at making a great Springer figure and all have fallen short of being the end all be all version that I want. The thrilling thirty version released a few years back is solid, but it still didn’t capture that classic Springer look I needed. Well, the Transformers siege version absolutely nailed it. Sure there were better figures released this year, and truthfully even some better transformers from the siege line itself. But finally getting that perfect, triple changing, classic Springer in my collection is why I chose him as my favorite figure of the year.