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Hasbro: Marvel Legends X-Con Luis and Ghost

The Marvel Cinematic Universe figures in the Marvel Legends line keep getting better and better as time goes on. I’m really happy that lately Hasbro has been doing a better job at including the villain characters from the MCU films in assortments and revisiting villains like The Red Skull, Crossbones, and Yellowjacket. This latest pack goes one better and not only includes one of the antagonists from Ant-Man and The Wasp, Ghost, but also a main supporting character with Luis! Let’s take a look!

The set comes in a large window box with some character photos on the sides. Luis looks particularly happy, so happy that I wonder if this photo was taken the day they told the actor that he was getting his own action figure.

The set comes with Luis, Ghost, the Pym headquarters rolling suitcase thing, an ant, and an alternate head and hood piece for Ghost.

The ant feels about the same size as the ant that came with the first Scott Lang Marvel Legends figure. It’s pretty big, but not as big as the ants that get in on the action in the second Ant-Man movie. I guess it would go well with the tiny Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket figures that came with that original Ant-Man.

The tiny building/suitcase is great. It has the right details and scale and includes a little extending handle. So much action in the movie revolved around that case that I think this was a brilliant inclusion.

Luis looks to be based on the common Marvel Legends suit body as seen on Coulson and Chameleon. I was a little surprised at how well the torso hinge works with this new soft plastic jacket piece, however. It’s probably due to the softness of the jacket piece.

The head is a great portrait of the actor Michael Peña and captures his mid-story grin perfectly. I think the body they used ended up a little tall for Peña, but my joy at getting the character overrides that concern for me personally.

Paint is minimal as he’s cast in the right colored plastic for the most part. The highlight would be the very convincing photo-real likeness on the head, though that always seems to suffer somewhat when you get really close with a camera. There was a bit of schmutz along the temple hairline that you’ll see in some of the pics against a white backdrop but it turned out to be some extra plastic that was easily removed.

Ghost is all-new and pretty fantastic. The detailed and multi textured costume design is well represented and the alternate head is a fantastic portrait of actress Hannah John-Kamen. There is a rather visible mold line around the jaw of my figure and fortunately that’s hidden when the figure is posed looking down.

The body moves fairly well with typical Marvel Legends articulation including:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, neck, hips, elbows, and ankles
  • Ball and socket mid-torso
  • Thigh swivel
  • Double hinged knees

The single hinged elbows do get a nice range of motion with more than a 90 degree bend. The head with the hood up doesn’t have much range because the hood is attached to the head and the hood blocks movement due to the shape and stiff plastic.

The unmasked head gets a bit more up and down, but not much side to side tilt. The ball torso does get nice backward motion and side tilt and the forward movement is limited, but it works well to get her in the hunched over stance Ghost has through most of the movie.

This set is pretty darn cool for this Ant-Man fan. I think it could have been a little cooler if the ant was a bit bigger to justify the cost more and represent the enlarged helper ants seen often in Ant-Man and the Wasp, but it’s an otherwise solid set.

Sure, Luis’ goofy grin might limit his utility as a figure, but for my shelf, I’d choose this expressive face every time. Between this and Korg in the Grandmaster set, I’m all good on my comic-sidekick figures for now, though I wouldn’t say no to a Warriors Three set.