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DC Collectibles : Batman The Drowned Statue Review

The Dark Knights Metal storyline was huge success for DC Comics and to capitalize, they are releasing statues of all the different, insane, murderous versions of the Batmen from the Dark Universe.

Here we have the Drowned. The Batman of Earth 11 who is a female version of Batman named Bryce Wayne. She lost her beloved, Sylvester Kyle when he was murdered by a rogue metahuman. She then went crazy and proceeded to hunt down and kill every super powered being on her world. Her quest for vengeance was over until the Atlanteans came to the surface and started a war with the land dwellers. During the war, she killed Aquawoman with her own trident. In retaliation, the remaining Atlanteans drowned all of Gotham city.

Bryce then surgically and mechanically enhanced herself to be able to breathe underwater and control the marine life in the sea to use as her army. She also gained super strength and healing abilities from the procedures. She used these new talents as well as the power of Aquawoman’s trident to conquer the Atlanteans and drown the entire world in a murderous vengeful rampage. Just as her world was about to be destroyed, the Batman who laughs came to her and talked her into joining his team of dark knights in their quest to destroy the multiverse.

The packaging is the same as the rest of the Dark Knights Metal line with clear pictures of the statue and some pictures of some of the other statues in the line. As always they give credit to the creators. She’s based on artwork by Greg Capullo and the statue itself is sculpted by Adrienne Smith.

The Drowned statue stands at a bit over seven inches and is made of polyresin. The sculpt is accurate to the source material and the paints are nice with cell shading or comic panel inspired details. It definitely adds a feel of jumping off the panel to it.

The paints are clean, and with the cell shading paint job on them it really gives the figure a look that stands out. The sculpt is nice with some details added in to giver her some depth. The hair and dress are sculpted in a flowing shape to give the effect that she could be underwater.

Her trident is nice with some more cell shaded style paints to give it an extra pop, and her base is the same as the other Dark Knight metal statues.

Drowned fits in well with the other statues in the line as well. This statue is set to be released this month and you can grab her at your local comic shops or at your favorite online retailer of comic themed merchandise.