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eBay Frenzy 11/25/18: Custom Marvel Legends, Star Wars, a G.I. Joe, and Casey Jones

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It’s that time of the week, where it’s a lazy Sunday and we I have nothing better to do than to sit on eBay and look at pretty, pretty customs and daydream about having those characters in plastic form. On top of that it’s Thanksgiving weekend so I’m not just lazy, I’m fat, happy, sleepy, AND lazy! If my allergies were kicking I’d almost be a Disney movie!

Plus that joke was dopey.

THIS is the body I want for a USAgent. In fact, this is pretty much what Veebs and I were shooting for in our Vintage wave wishlists. Paint is a little shiny but we can chalk that up to unstable molecule armor mesh cloth.

My body, and display, is ready for a new Quicksilver, which we are rumored to be getting next year. But I also dig the extra head here.

I’ve always been on a Mandalorian kick but with the new show announced, my need for more has gotten worse. Worse? Wrong word to use? Maybe? Probably not. A terrible need.

I will keep up the good fight for 6-inch Joes like this Duke until we finally wear Hasbro down. Or a proper media push to actually support the decision to release a new scale for a nearly 40 year old property (I know it’s actually older, shut up, I want my toon Joes.) comes along. Whichever comes first.

It’s awesome what a little paint and a splash of color does for that older Cable figure.

Troopers. Any size, and shape, any color, any design. Gimme. I’m not familiar with Hardcase but I want one.

The weathering on this Marvel Legends Poison is so fantastic, bringing out the sculpt of the figure while giving it a down and dirty (but damn clean application) realistic look.

I’m not familiar with this version of Moon Knight, but the wraps and tatters give him a ghost-like quality. I dig it. I dig it deep. Is that proper usage of that term? I feel so off today…

I love the look of this Hanharr, who is from a game I never played. But the drybrushing is on point and the harness is well done. I’d never turn down more Wookiees.

A nice black and white color scheme is right up my alley and I’m always looking for more villains to add to the Spider-Man display. We neeeeeed a Black Tatantula!

Did I already mention Mandalorians? DON’T JUDGE ME!

I can’t figure out if there is some cloth being used on Storm‘s shoulders here. Rubber? Weird joint? Magic?

Just imagine walking down the street when this Punisher turns the corner. Bowels. Evacuated. Even if you aren’t criminal scum.

Finally, Casey Jones. I can never not search for either Deadpool or Casey. It’s just in my DNA. I have several sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is scales around the 6-inch variety, and still no Jones to go with them. Well, that can be said about more than a few TMNT characters, but I really need this one.