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Official Fwoosh Marvel Legends Top Ten Vote!

It’s here once again boys and girls! That time of year where everyone else’s opinion sucks and you and only you alone needs to be listened to! That’s right! It’s time once again to vote for the ten figures you want most in the upcoming Marvel Legends waves!

It’s been an absolutely incredible year for Legends collecting. As far as sheer numbers go it was definitely the biggest year for figures released ever. Nine build a figure waves, multiple box sets and two packs, as well as a another vintage wave that gave us both re-released popular figures, and new versions of characters in classic looks. When you add in the exclusive retailer releases and the Marvel Studio figures, it really is amazing how many new figures we were available to add to our collections this year. It seemed like every time I turned around there was another new wave hitting the shelves. So many wanted characters and even re-releases of characters in desired costumes that it feels like Hasbro is actually listening to us! Nah. That can’t be true. Can it?

For me though, finally being able to complete a well crafted, matching Fantastic Four wave was the biggest highlight of the entire year. FINALLY!

As far as last year’s top ten (or twelve if you wanna get technical) goes, Hasbro knocked out or will knock out nine of them, so this year’s top ten will look drastically different. Last year’s list was full of heavy hitters and big names, and with a lot of them take care of, I’m pretty excited to see where this year’s results take us.

For reference, this was last year’s top ten:

10. Mystique

9b. Squirrel Girl

9a. Professor X

8. Doc Ock

7. Kingpin

6. Dr. Doom

5. Beast

4. Magneto

3. Gambit

2b. Psylocke

2a. Nightcrawler

1. Storm

So like I said this year’s list will definitely be really different.   Now it’s time to let your voices be heard and tell us what you really want!

This is what we want to know: who are the ten characters plus one build-a-figure you want to be given the Legends treatment?

That said, there are, of course, some rules. I can’t stress enough, you need to follow these.  Especially the form in which you submit your votes.

The Rules

1. You must  have a Disqus account to vote.

2. Only one vote per person.  We have multiple ways to identify duplicate votes, so don’t try to vote under a different name. You may edit your vote as many times as you want until the voting has closed.  Just make sure you edit your original post, Do not start a new one if you want to change your vote.

3. You are voting for ten characters and ONE build a figure you want to be made into 6-inch scale Marvel Legends action figures. Keep in mind that any character whose figure would be bigger than Hyperion may end up being a BAF.  If you want a smaller BAF like Rocket Racoon or Jubilee, that’s completely fine too.

They can be redos of characters we already have, but requesting very specific or one off looks from one panel or one book may get them merged into the main character category.  You can even vote for a character whose figure has been revealed, but has never been released.

4. Post your votes in the following format. This is absolutely critical:



Kitty Pryde [Excalibur]

Dr. Bong

Daredevil [Netflix Black Suit]


White Rabbit

Foolkiller [Greg Salinger]

Night Thrasher


 BAF Surtur

Feel free to copy and paste the list above and then change the characters to your picks.  Or keep mine.  Whatever you like.

5. NO numbers. Your votes can be spaced one name per line or no spaces, just make sure it’s not in sentence format. We feed this into a computer program and it’s very important for those of us counting these up that it’s in this format. The order in which you list the characters is not important!

6. Please place the “BAF” letters in front of your BAF choice.  It makes it much easier to tabulate the votes.

7. Check your spelling. As we said, we are feeding this into a computer program, and it’s important all characters have their names spelled correctly. It also helps if we all go by the same names. For example, if someone put Hulk down in their vote and meant it to be the Amadeus Cho version,  and then someone else put down Amadeus Cho in another vote, it will be counted as different characters. So please try to be consistent and specific about characters with the same names.

8. We can’t normalize versions of characters without a lot of extra work. For instance, “Classic Kitty Pryde” is going to have difficulty being counted. When we tabulate the votes, we will do our best to separate designs and costumes because it gives us a sense of what designs are popular, but we can’t guarantee that every look will be counted. Some costume differences are very minute, or if you’re not specific it may get lost in the votes for a different look. So if you see someone before you post a version of a character you want too, use the same name for it [modern,classic,etc.] they did. Just be sure that you list the character’s name first, and note the version in brackets, like this:

Kitty Pryde [Excalibur]

Seriously. Just like this.  No parenthesis, no quotation marks, no comas.  Just brackets, please.

And try to keep it brief. No need to specify issues or panels.

9. Read the other votes.  Try and keep your votes in the same form as the previous votes if you are being costume, era, or character specific.

10. No “talking” in the voting comment section. This comment section is for voting only. If you want to talk about the vote, post in the vote discussion thread in the forum, listed below. The comment section is only for data collection, and should have nothing in there except votes.

11. No voting for the same character more than once. This goes for variations of the same character. For example, you can’t vote for Emma Frost in four different costumes, as this would skew the vote.  Although truthfully, I’d take all four versions.

 If you don’t follow the rules, your vote won’t be counted and that can definitely alter the outcome of the poll.


If you’re not sure what has been revealed by Hasbro as an upcoming figure you can check out the Fwoosh Shopping list put together by Tatooinesandworm.

So get to it. Think about who you want and let us know!