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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Spider-Man SP//dr Series Cloak and Dagger Review

Cloak and Dagger made their first appearance in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man back in 1982, and this year they made their Marvel Legends debut. Both figures are “amazing” and ton of fun to play with.

I decided not to split Cloak and Dagger into 2 reviews as the power couple always appears together, it’s their thing. In classic (’80s) comics creationism, Cloak and Dagger are connected through their origin, 2 teens from different sides fo the tracks, get mixed up together, injected with dangerous drug, survive with superpowers. Cloaks power need light, Dagger supplies the light. Enough of that. Since 1982 they’ve been in and out of various books and even had their title on occasion. They’re a great tandem and interesting and obscure enough to spawn a TV Series.

Cloak is based on the Grim Reaper buck, pretty much all blank and black, with the exception of being slightly transparent making him super cool (Jolly Rancher toys rule). The head is all new as is the cape. The cool part of this figure is you can pop the head off and rest it on top of the cape for that “void” like body. While the cape limits the movement of the body underneath, I like this figure, I don’t expect Cloak to be anything more than a cape, but that we got a body makes it cool.

Dagger is the standard female buck, like the one used on Elektra, but I think she sports a new chest. At least I don’t recognize this chest. It’s small breasted and bit on the lean side, I think I saw ribs there. But I like the diversity in Marvel Legends these days, from the larger Moonstone base to this one there is a large diverse female catalog. The head sculpt looks to be new and I’m liking the hair. Reminds me of some of those hair do’s customizers do with all the flowing locks.

The only accessory is Dagger’s light daggers. They attach to her hand and hopefully I’ve attached them correctly. Both figures come with a part of SP//dr.

These are must have characters if you are trying to complete the Spider-verse or Marvel Knights, they belong to each group. They have a long history in the Marvel Universe and with the hit TV show they are work picking up. You can get the today at: