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Hasbro Marvel Legends SP//dr Series Elektra

I haven’t reviewed a Marvel Legends action figure in a while. In fact, the time I reviewed one was 8 months ago! My return to reviewing Marvel Legends is a return to a classic Marvel Legends staple, Elektra, from the recent SP//dr Series.

Elektra was the first Marvel Legends female released, way back in Toy Biz’s Series 4¬†Elektra changed the shape of female action figures. While being the first female super articulated figure in Marvel Legends, she was also one of the most criticized. The engineering on the figure was the main culprit from the now infamous hippy hinge to the spinning meat joints.

Later, with the Hasbro 2-Packs we would see the first step towards the modern females that we, thankfully, abundantly see in every Legends series. This figure was also met with joy as it was huge update aesthetically and engineering-ly (made up a word) over the Toy Biz entry. But Hasbro’s first shot was also met with a ton of feedback, she was thin and most collectors felt she was on the wrong side of skinny. Also she sported a small head.

Why is this history necessary? Because, we Marvel Legends collectors, might actually have the perfect Elektra. At this point Hasbro has a pretty decent staple of females in their collections and we’ve reviewed most of them. Elektra is a reuse of, I think (there are so many now), Silk. I wrote about Silk a long time ago and I don’t have much to add. It’s still one of the strongest base figures (Dark Phoenix being my favorite) and it’s continued use makes me very happy.

Elektra comes with sai’s and her hands can hold them. The right hand both fisted and fingered. I have no idea what the proper hand form is called and googling has resulted in less than proper results. Let’s just stop here.

I’m smitten with Elektra, it’s great to have a staple character like her back in Marvel Legends on an excellent base. Specially with an updated Daredevil and Bullseye allowing every collector that ability to recreate her death over and over.

You can pick her up today at: