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Medicom MAFEX Deadpool, Venom, and Evil Gwenpool at Summer Wonder Festival 2018

Wonder Festival Summer 2018 is getting into full swing as I type. Get it? Swing? Venom? Spider-Man? But that has nothing to do with Deadpool and Evil Gwenpool, so I failed at this intro. Or did I?

Saved it!

Anyway, Medicom is showing off some new MAFEX comic style offerings to go along with their already solicited Gwenpool and Spider-Man, which have already been touted as the best looking comic version action figures of each character ever. Going by looks alone, anyway. C’mon, Medicom has been making great strides in the QC department!

The new additions are Venom, who is deliciously McFarlane…

Deadpool is oddly reminiscent of the figma version, which I do like but feel is too small. The MAFEX should scale with the rest of the collection nicely.

And then Evil Gwenpool, who I didn’t even know was a thing until I Googled “Evil Gwenpool.” Ohhh. Still visually interesting and I don’t blame Medicom striking while the iron is hot.

No prices or release dates but know MAFEX like we do, they’ll pop up for pre-order soon and then we’ll wait a year for release. I half-joke about that because I hate waiting but if they end up as good as they look, I’m okay with that.

Most pics via @amiamihobbynews on Twitter, the rest emerged from the deep dark reaches of the internet.

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