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SDCC 2018: Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant’s booth had a ton of great statues from Marvel and Star Wars, including another set of the Empire Strikes Back’s bounty hunters. Out of all of them, I think this set has the most personality. Check out more pics from the SDCC 2018 Gentle Giant booth!

I don’t know who these ladies are, but there’s some great story telling going on here with statues. It makes me think if they made a movie where the bond girl was the hero of the story.

The Scottie Young collection does an admirable job translating Young’s artwork into 3D.

I want action figures of these two.

The Star Wars statues on display are all really on point and super tempting. That Ahsoka is one of the best representations I’ve ever seen of the character, especially in a more realistic style. I also love the paint and weathering on that Chopper statue.

Finally, the Gentle Giant statues of the ESB bounty hunters have so much personality.IG-88 has a nice action pose and Dengar looks knackered.  The dude just looks worn out and burned out sitting there. I’ve never more identified with Dengar in my life.

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