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Hasbro: Black Series Enfys Nest and Swoop

Enfys Nest and the Cloudrider gang were¬† one of my favorite parts of Solo: A Star Wars Story, so I was very excited to pre-order this figure. Swoop gangs in general are something that I’ve always enjoyed in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, so it was gratifying to see it portrayed on screen. I pre-ordered Enfys and Swoop Bike from Entertainment Earth, and fortunately it was the first vendor to ship. Let’s take a look an Enfys Nest!

Enfys comes in what is becoming the standard vehicle packaging for this line. It’s a pretty black box with some neat illustrations and pretty pictures all around.

Enfys comes with the speeder (some assembly is required) and her electro-ripper staff. The staff is cast in a solid gray plastic, and in one of the few disappointments of this set, has no paint at all.

It should probably be silver with a wash, but that didn’t happen. I can see why maybe it didn’t cost out because this set is massive and full of paint hits. I would have also liked a fan version of her gauntlets, especially since it was just revealed that the Vintage Collection figure with have the fan shield gauntlets included.

The swoop itself is insanely cool. It’s just got tons of detail packed into it and some really nice decorative paint. It could also use a wash, but even without it, this feels like an extremely well detailed model.

The swoop has hinged handle bars and foot grips to assist in posing and balances well on a ball jointed stand. The stand allows for nice rocker and downward movement, but is designed to not tilt backwards much. I think this probably for balance as the swoop is very back heavy.

I also like how the stand is clear, but is sculpted with some ripples in it. It’s a cool effect.

The cowling right in front of the seat is removeable to show the engine and just adds the plethora of tech detail that’s all over this thing.

Enfys is a very good figure, though not without flaws. My main issue is that her top horns tend to want to curve together a little too much. It’s slightly off, but noticeable to me and the plastic is pretty soft, so when I try and adjust it, it just bends back.

Otherwise, I’m in love with this figure. The tabbards that hang from the waist are flexible enough that they do not hinder articulation. The soft good cape really works for me and the detail on the chest ornaments is fantastic.

The detail in the head sculpt is very nice, but a wash would have been helpful in bringing out the cracked bone details.

The figure moves really well and has the standard Hasbro Black Series articulation with one slight change. It has the following points of articulation:

  • Ball and socket barbell in the head
  • Ball and socket neck and mid-torso
  • Swivel/Hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and ankles
  • Double hinged knees
  • Swivel thighs

The extra bit of articulation in the lower neck is interesting but doesn’t really come into play with posing due to cape around the neck and the hair protruding from the back of the head. It does get good swivel and side-tilt movement, but doesn’t look up very well.

The double knees get a good range of motion and the wrists hinge in-out which works well for staff holding poses.

Overall, this is a great set and tons of fun to play with. I think both figure and vehicle could have benefited from an extra paint wash, but otherwise I’m very pleased with them both. Now I just need Hasbro to make Weazel, so he can ride along with Enfys!



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