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Hasbro: Marvel Legends The First Ten Years Guardians of the Galaxy Ronan Video and Quick Pics

If nothing else, the Hasbro Marvel Stud10s: The First Ten Years line is giving us some villains we didn’t think we’d get in plastic form. Yellowjacket, Trevor (shush, I need that figure), Red Skull, Crossbones, and Ronan. The figures aren’t perfect but I’m happy to get them on the shelf!

Take Ronan. He’s damn near accurate to his screen appearance, but that’s to be expected this many years after he appeared on the big screen. Hasbro isn’t trying to beat a timeline here, using pre-production reference to get toys out as the movie opens. These benefit from being produced after the movies have been out for a while. So the sculpt is superb, the paints match up fairly nicely.

But that also presents another problem. Screen accurate costumes don’t always work in the realm of plastic. Like big shoulder pads and hoods that attach to them.

Not everyone will agree here, but I put the blame on the actual movie design, not Hasbro. Hasbro was going to lose either way. I’ve already seen some people separate the head from the hood and glue the hood down, but that puts the pads in the way of shoulder movement. The shoulder pads being separate and attached to the shoulders would have done the same, along with gapping up the hood. The only way to keep both aesthetic and range would have been cloth and even then it would involve mounting the pads somewhere.

And now I’m tired of typing “shoulder” and “pads.”

But saying that, it’s not like Ronan was flippy twirly all over. He fought Drax some but for the most part he stood and postured, and the figure can pull that off nicely. It’s an imposing presence in the display. A Guardians of the Galaxy shelf definitely needed another villain and this fits the bill perfectly.

He just won’t be winning any dance-offs.






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