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Top 5 Most Wanted Hot Toys figures from Avengers: Infinity War

OK, we’ve all seen Avengers: Infinity War and I’m sure most of us will agree it’s full of everything that makes comic book movies so amazing, right? But as a kid reared during the 80s, my immense joy in watching the spectacle unfold quickly started turning in to what figures do I desperately need to add to my collection now.

Since I tend to avoid the admittedly great Marvel Legends MCU figures, my focus is solely on the Hot Toys versions.  And Hot Toys knew the demands for Infinity Wars figures would be great and have been rolling out a slew of reveals already. But with the biggest cast in a Marvel Studios film yet, that wish list is going to be massive.

Here’s the Top 5 Most Wanted Avengers: Infinity War Hot Toys figures.  Naturally there’s a ton of spoilers, but why would you be reading this one if you hadn’t already seen the movie, right? I didn’t include any of the Black Order since we’ve seen one revealed and Hot Toys likely won’t skip the others.

Bruce Banner

bruce banner avengers infinity war

Surprise! Hulk was barely in the movie. Infinity War largely focused on his calmer, less aggressive alter ego. Let’s face it. Hot Toys hasn’t released a Banner figure since the first Avengers film way back when. While we definitely don’t need a civilian Bruce in every film he’s appeared in, Banner’s look has changed enough — more comic accurate, cropped hairstyle for starters — that he needs an updated figure.

In what’s going to be a common theme for my picks, a Banner figure could also pull double duty in a Thor: Ragnarok display.  And since he’s so pivotal to the events in Infinity War, even being one of the few Avengers to survive, it’s time for Hot Toys to calm down and crank out a new Banner figure.


avengers infinity war okoye

Like we’ve seen with the new Gamora solicitation from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Hot Toys isn’t afraid to revisit a popular movie to finish the lineup or team from a line it previously started. Okoye would probably make more sense in a dedicated Black Panther line, but she did have a significant enough of a role to warrant throwing her into this film’s massive lineup. Hot Toys would be the only company to do full justice to Okoye’s intricate outfit and if they were feeling real generous, Hot Toys could toss in another head to have at least two Dora Milaje to flank Black Panther.


avengers infinity war mantis

Speaking of Guardians, it’s kinda funny that we don’t have the final official member of the Vol. 2 team. Mantis quickly proved a fan favorite with her banter with Drax in both Vol. 2 and Infinity War. And there’s no way we can re-enact that massive battle on Titan without Mantis vainly trying to keep Thanos calm. Stupid Star-Lord! Plus, Hot Toys does amazing work with aliens and it’d be pretty fun to see what they could do with Mantis.



The Doctor Strange rollout has come and gone and it’s unlikely we’ll see any new additions from that film. No matter since Wong is one of the few we really need anyway. Doctor Strange’s ally/bookkeeper warrants having a figure in the line and is necessary to re-enact the first big battle in New York. Hey, if Wong is good enough to get an invite to Stark’s wedding, he’s good enough to get made into a Hot Toys figure.


avengers infinity war nebula

It’s kinda crazy that in all this time despite being a key character in both Guardians of the Galaxy films that Nebula still hasn’t gotten a Hot Toys figure. With a key role in Infinity War, we’re well past time of getting Nebula in 12” form. I can only imagine how creative Hot Toys could get with Nebula’s potential accessories and various broken components. Nebula is probably the most overdue supporting character for a figure and her surviving status at the end of the film should only help her cause.

So those are my picks. Who do you think needs to get the Hot Toys treatment? You can check out my latest Hot Toy review of the Spider-Man Homecoming figure here.

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