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Top 5: Most Wanted Solo: A Star Wars Story Black Series Figures (post release edition)

Solo hit theatres last week, and I’ve already watched it twice, read the art book, listened to the soundtrack, and read the official guide. I’m into this straight up adventure movie big time, so like the good little consumer that I am, my mind turns towards what figures I need from this film in the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series line. Time for another Solo Top 5! Fair warning, I’m going to be talking plot points for the film here.

You read the spoiler warning, right? FYI, I’m going to be talking Solo Spoilers here. You may recall that I already wrote a Top 5 list for this film based on the initial trailer. Fortunately most of those characters (Qi’Ra, Val, L3, and Enfys Nest) have been made or will be released shortly. I still could use a couple more before Hasbro closes up the Solo shop and moves on to the next big Star Wars thing. Like always, I have a couple of runners up to the Top 5 including:

Mudtroopers Han, Beckett, Rio, and Val

Beckett and Val are coming in costumes they wear in other parts of the movie, but we are introduced to them as ersatz Imperials on the muddy world of Mimban. They just look bad-ass in these outfits, okay? Something about that General Veers gear kitted up with jackets and trenchcoats really does it for me and I think would make for some cool figures.

Labor droids

I love figures of random background droids. Rogue One introduced a couple of variations on this labor droid and it looks to me like the Solo team re-purposed it a few times for their film. It’s a more solid version of the classic protocol droid and reminds me of the old BLX droid from one of the first Solo EU stories.

Okay, that’s the runners up, on to the main event!

5. Mud Trooper

Shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering my love for Becket and Val in the gear, but I love how this look comes together using parts from various Imperial troopers from different sources. Helmet and chest armor from Veers with shoulder, bicep and leg armor from the Scarif troopers. You top that all off with goggles and a gas mask that recalls both WWI trench warfare gear and the classic Stormtrooper, that’s some cool toy fodder right there. Plus, you could make the mask removeable and put the Han head under there for a two-for-one.

4. Qi’Ra

But we already got this figure, Matt! I know, I know, but we got young Qi’Ra from the prologue. I’m way more interested in custom cape wearing, blaster firing, grenade throwing, Pyke killing Qi’Ra. I think if you made the cape removeable, you could get this look in as well.

Mostly I want a Qi’Ra that matches the rest of the figures better.

3. Dryden Vos

Vos is a villain we’ve seen before, the charming psychopath crime lord, but I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Bettany in the role. I’m torn as to which look I’d like to have, the more formal look from his first scene, or the casual crazy look from the end.

I’m leaning toward casual crazy because he has some nifty laser blade knuckle weapons in that scene that are particularly toyetic. It would be super cool to have two heads, one charming smile and lighter facial markings and one with an angry portrait and prominent markings.2. Rio

Ardennian pilot and chef Rio Durant is rumored, but not confirmed for the Black Serie, so he’s still on my list. His role was a little more brief than I expected, but I enjoyed what was there and I just think this guy is perfect for a super articulated action figure. Very toyetic.

We need more aliens in the black series and this guy has a colorful design that I think would really pop on the shelf.

  1. Weazel

WHO!? you might comically ask in the tradition of Korath the Persuer. Weazel is the top lieutenant to Enfys Nest and her chief spy. He actually rides along with Enfys on her swoop, so he’d be perfect to add to that upcoming set.

Plus he’s played by series mainstay Warwick Davis, reprising a role he briefly played in The Phantom Menace. I also dig the Mandalorian flavor of his helmet and he uses a rocket launcher that is almost as tall as he is. I’d love it if they could include two swappable heads so we could actually get a Warwick Davis figure.

Plus he’s got a cool bounty hunter helmet and gear combo. I need a figure.

Well that’s my list from Solo having seen the film. What’s yours? Comment below or hit us up on the forum!

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