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Tamashii Comic Con: Bandai S.H. Figuarts Emperor and Crait Luke Skywalker Prototypes UPDATE: And Wicket! And Jar Jar!

All of these teases out of Tamashii Comic Con are making my little black collector heart hurt. It all looks so beautiful, but will we get it within the next five years? I…..I can’t take this kind of stress.

They had announced the Crait Force projection Luke before the show so it’s nice to see him pop up now. Looks a bit rough, hopefully there will be some tweaking before release, like we saw with Ahch-To Luke and old Ben.

And then this just came across my feed. That Death Star piece that came with the first Vader makes much more sense now.

Plastic robes means stuck in the sitting position, and the high hood is throwing me off, but at least he’s on the radar…

Remember, Bandai is notorious for showing Star Wars characters in their cases and then forgetting about them. There’s figures from years ago that still haven’t seen the light of day. So take these and the earlier Yoda and gang as pretty pretties to look at until actual solicitations.

UPDATE: And then here’s this little guy…

And this big guy…

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