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Tamashii Comic Con 2018: New S.H. Figuarts Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars Prototypes

Pictures are already leaking out of Tamashii Comic Con and I’m liking what I’m seeing! New Star Wars and Avengers: Infinity War is all I’ve found but hopefully we’ll see more soon!

Now remember, this is Bandai we’re dealing with. Prototypes in the case doesn’t mean we’re seeing them any time soon, especially with the Star Wars stuff. They’re notorious for showing stuff and waiting years for it to release, if ever. At least so far. But them teasing Yoda before the show gives me a little hope we’ll see him sooner rather than later. Please.

For Avengers, we were expecting Thor, Falcon, and War Machine. They announced those before the show. But a Black Panther with unmasked head and purple vibranium power? Hmmmm. Hopefully it comes with Cap’s shields. Oh snap. And another Iron Man with more attachments? Nice, but….dang. It’s interesting that Falcon’s placard is the only one that says “Coming Soon” as opposed to the dreaded “Display Only.”

More Clones for Star Wars. We’ve seen every rank of Phase 1 clone with not a lot of solicitation so slapping colors on a Phase 2 isn’t doing much for me. I mean, they look awesome, but I’m kind of “They’ll never release them.” Bandai made my favorite R2 so I’m down for an R5. Spirit of Obi-Wan and Han in Carbonite are surprising. The Jawa almost looks like it’s from a different line, but I’d still buy one, gladly. But that Yoda? I NEED that Yoda. NEED.

Hopefully a lot more pictures and reveals happen when the show gets kicking. More, I say, more!

These pics were all already floating the Facebook groups with no credit, if anyone knows the photographer, hit me in the comments.

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