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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Deadpool Series Domino and X-Force Deadpool

Yesterday, we talked about how Cable is ready for his Hollywood debut in the new Deadpool sequel hitting theaters in May. However, Nate is not the only long-awaited and fan-demanded character to take the silver screen in this new installment, lucky lady Domino joins the throng as well, and right on cue, she is also getting an all-new Marvel Legends figure.

Rob Liefeld creations continue to take center stage in this new Sasquatch Build-a-Figure series, and with Domino and this grey and black version of Deadpool, X-Force is most certainly representing. We have seen Neena in ML before (and countless versions of Wade), but, like her series mates Cable, X-23, and Deathlok, this action figure version of her is by far the best we have ever gotten. If you have the modern Deadpool from the Juggernaut series, or better still, the Hascon exclusive from last fall, you know what you are getting in the DP figure, but he is also required collecting for any self-respecting X-Force fan.


Domino has parlayed her probability-altering powers into a potential popularity surge as of late, and she has hit the trifecta with a movie role, new comic (penned by the amazing Gail Simone), and action figure. We have known about this figure for a while since it was teased at SDCC last summer, but I think it was worth the wait, and it has made the previous ML figure instantly expendable. I know that some folks online have lamented that the look/costume is not the most exciting looking, but the execution is very well done, so I suspect that most collectors will happily welcome this Neena to their shelves.

At first, I thought this figure would use several parts from the recently-released Ultimate Riders Black Widow, but that is actually not the case. Domino is not just a clever name for the character, her look and costume have been designed to reflect that, and this more modern version takes that to heart, and those colors dominate the overall look. Personally, I like this modern look as it is sleek, and it keeps with the theme of the character well. I am not sure why there was ever teal in Domino’s get-up, but that has been excised from this look, and for me, it is not missed.

Now, there are metal “armor” pieces on the forearms, knees, and shins, and those work just fine, and keep with the source material, but I almost wonder what they would look like if they were white. That is just me thinking out loud about the domino theme, the silver looks fine regardless. The figure also has TWO belts (one removable, one affixed), as well as a shoulder harness that can be removed as well. These are both for aesthetic purposes only as both of the included guns/blasters are far too large to be accommodated by either one of the pieces. Speaking of the guns, they are very big, and very purple. These are more techy and much bigger than say, a couple of standard pistols, but they do help keep those 90s influence vibes going, and Domino can hold both of them well.

Domino’s fair complexion is the white in the motif that helps sell the whole look, and the black patch around the left eye is the punctuation. I could talk about likeness and whatnot here, but really, that coloring is what give her the iconic look she is known for, so getting things like the eyes, nose, and face shape perfectly right in translation becomes secondary. Not to say those are not nice, there is a great sculpt in her face and her hair is accurate, too, so nothing is taken for granted here. The domino patter pulls the whole look together and seals the deal for a really nice figure. Of course, her requisite Sasquatch bit is essential to complete the BAF, but you will not want to pass her up regardless, this is a slick figure.


Okay, so this is a Deadpool wave, and it is very much entrenched in Liefeldian influence, and thus, several characters in this wave a representing X-Force. So, it stands to reason, and it is completely justified that an X-Force DP is included in this series, and thus, I completely understand the inclusion of this figure. However, I am just going to come right out and say it, I think this is the least exciting figure of the group. Now, don’t get upset X-Forcers, the figure is just fine, and really, from a design aspect, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but for some of us, we have seen this exact same figure before. Yes, this is (mostly) just a stripped down version of the Hascon exclusive Uncanny X-Force DP figure, and admittedly, for those unable to secure it at the show or on Hasbro Toy Shop afterwards, it is pretty hard to get. So, I appreciate Hasbro getting everyone a crack at this, but since it was already essentially in my collection, some of the sheen has worn off, and it doesn’t supply me personally with that something new.

That is MY issue though, because the figure itself is pretty great and makes good use of a combination of previous parts. This figure is mostly a medium-build blank body, with the modern DP head, and a lot of cuffs, harnesses, belts, etc. attached (several of which are from that same modern DP). That is all perfectly fine and everything used here works well, and I don’ think the look has been sacrificed for this to be an inexpensive inclusion in this series. That is definitely what it is, though, and while the figure looks sharp, it is exactly what we got for Hascon, but without a lot of the extra accessories, not included. Sure, this one comes with a giant hunk of Sasquatch, but Wade will have to rely on his swords, and blue repaints of two of his guns, rather than an entire arsenal. Again, that is just fine, it keeps the assortment on budget, and leaves some of the uniqueness of the show exclusive to that piece, aside from just a packaging change.

I will say, though, that this figure does get knocked down, too, by the fact that my figure has several paint issues, and I just plain like the classic Deadpool in this assortment better overall. I know, this happens with mass-market figures, and I am sure this one figure is likely not indicative of the entire run, but I have several black scuffs and bleeding paint lines into the light grey. One is right in the middle of his chest, so that will need to be removed because it is distracting. So, if you get these at retail, and you have a chance to do so, look over the figures and pick the one with the best paint job. Oh, and his pistol grip hands are a bit wide to hold the swords nicely, so that is another demerit here.

Overall, these are both solid figures, but Domino is definitely the stronger one in my opinion. Like I said, she is well-executed and a great representation of a modern take on the character. X-Force Deadpool is fine, and will likely be very welcome for those that missed the superior Hascon version, but the wide grips and the paint snafus on my figure definitely take him down a notch. Either way, I was not going skip him because I needed me my Sasquatch. To get YOUR Sasquatch, head over to Dorkside Toys and order your set.

Cable is definitely my favorite carded figure in this wave, but Domino is definitely in the upper echelon in the series, I think. You will have to wait for Benty’s look at Deathlok and classic Deadpool later this week to see my other favorite figures in this wave. Whoops, spoiler alert!