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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Deadpool Infinite Series Cable

Apparently, Deadpool is an obscure fringe X-Men character in the Marvel Universe, but Hasbro has seen fit to give him his own starring Marvel Legends, and his friend (sidekick, maybe?) is named Cable. Presently, we have a look at this little-known character from the future.

Okay, okay, all kidding aside, are you ready for the Merc with a Mouth to be even more places than he already is? The sequel to his immensely popular 2016 flick is just a few weeks away, and much to the delight of 90s kids everywhere, DP is bring Cable with him (in the form of Josh Brolin) for this new installment. So, the smart people at Hasbro are bringing us a brand new Legends figure, and here’s the juice: it is by FAR and away the best Cable figure ever. Ever. Listen, I am not even a big Cable (or Deadpool, for that matter) fan, but this new Sasquatch Build-a-Figure wave is on point, and Cable is probably the best figure of whole series.

An exercise in the celebration of Rob Liefeld (did I just type that?) this series revels in the artist’s unique, um, style, that, love it or hate it, is synonymous with 1990s comics. Heck, even the packaging is a riff on that as all of the figures in the wave a displayed on the card with their feet obscured. 90s kids know, 90s kids know well. So, while this era isn’t my main comics bag, this series has gotten me all swept up in the hype, and even with all of the ML assortments that have hit recently, this one is my favorite. This Cable figure captures the era and style to a tee, but the production value is also sky high, so this is one of the best Legends figures in a while, and that is saying something. I am going to get into more of the details, but when saying you wish the hands were made of less rigid plastic is the biggest nitpick you can muster, you know the figure has everything else going for it.

So, Cable is a big dude, and just about everything he wears, and all of the things he uses, are big, too. Cable is on a big base body, and he has big shoulder pads, a big X-Men necklace/St. Bernard collar keg, a big ear piece communicator, and, of course, great big guns. A messiah-esque character, Cable has a lot going on with his costume. The required pouches are present around the belt and on the football pads, and he has extra ammo on his right shoulder. The belt and pads rig is removable, but I am not sure the gods of 90s comics would allow for you to do that. As I said, Cable is really, really big, but his proportions remain more physiologically accurate in this figure than in a typical Liefeld drawing where the legs and feet would taper into nothingness, but that just ensures that the figure stands, balances, and poses well.

Aside from what he wears, Cable has a few other iconic and defining attributes. First, is his Colossus-like bionic left arm is sleeved in ribbed metal segments, and it rendered accurately here. Between Cable and Dealthlok, this series has biomechanics appendages on lock. Cable’s likeness is very well done here, too, and while his spiky hair leads to a perfectly tapered point, his eyes are most definitely, and most appropriately, the focal points. His right eye, as you know, is battle damaged and rendered white with scarring all around, and again, as you know, scars make giant formidable dudes look even more formidable. His other eye has the flash imbedded in it, and man, it looks really nice. I thought it would be removable, but it is not, and I am cool with that because it holds a severe loss risk, so it is better for me that it just stays put.

Unless we get some kind of repaint of this figure with more of a blue and gold X-men coloring, I cannot imagine ever needing another 90s Cable figure in ML. This is about as good as it comes in terms of execution, and the rendering of a character design from page to plastic. Since the classic Deadpool is packed two to a case in this assortment, I am going to bet that this figure is going to be the one in most demand, so if you see him out there, I HIGHLY recommend you pick him up. Of course, you could do what I did, and go to Dorkside Toys, put in your order, and let with worries of acquisition slip away. How sweet it is.

Thanks for reading, and worry not, Benty and I will be splitting the workload this week with feature of ALL of the Deadpool Infinite Series Sasquatch wave. Check back tomorrow!

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