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Mezco: One:12 Collective Deadpool PX Exclusive

You would almost swear there was some sort of method to the madness that is figure delays. Mezco Deadpool shows up at my house 48 hours before a new movie trailer drops. Hmm …

Anyway, let’s run down the particulars. This Deadpool is in his gray/silver and black “stealth” suit from the X-Force revamp from a few years past. Maybe more than a few, but I’d rather not think about it.

Like with most PX versions, this Deadpool shares most of his traits with the previous two releases, X-suit and Classic. The body and a couple of the head sculpts carry over directly, and the suit is essentially a recolor of the Classic with a repainted harness from the X-suit. I realize that sounds fairly simple, but that’s kind of the idea. But if you’re looking for specifics about the articulation and such, I would refer you to those previous reviews, since here we’re going to focus on what’s new, different, and new-to-this-Deadpool.

As I mentioned, the uniform is just a color swap from the original, but man … those colors. The gray is a nice light tone, with almost a silvery effect to it, and looks really sharp against the glossier vinyl black sections. And Robo will be pleased that the colors line up with the mask very well, but then red is a pain in the ass anyway.

The harness picked up some black and silver touches for this release, and well, I’m torn by this one a little. The look? Great. And appropriate for X-Force. The function is pretty great too — nothing to hinder the shoulders or legs, making this a very easy to play with figure. Even the single sheath doesn’t bother me, it again makes him more fluid and easy to pose.

But not one damn holster? Awww. Easy enough to rectify, I suppose, but since Deadpool does come with a sidearm, just a simple cross-draw or drop holster would have been all he needed. Without it, and maybe some mag pouches, he feels a little too plain. I know the grenades can hook on there, but …


And that’s really my only complaint. Luckily, this being a PX, Deadpool gets a major chance to redeem himself in the accessory department.

Now, while he does have a formidable arsenal, it’s worth noting that all of these carry over from the PX Punisher. Personally, I like that: it’s like Deadpool raided one of Frank’s weapons stashes and “customized” a loadout. But I figured I should point that out.

He has the same M16-M203, sword, grenades, Glock and magazines as the standard, to go with the heads and hands, of course. But now, he can add a Gustav, a Mikor, and two MACs to the party. All three have some fun paint additions, but the recoilless and the subguns are my favorite. Something about the mental image of Wade “feeding” his MAC a magazine with “chimichanga” on it makes me smile. Might just be on mine, but the Mikor is a bit of a floppy mess. Sigh, give and take, give and take.

But what do you get with this guy that isn’t repurposed? Kissy face, baby. Kissy face. It is fun, and it’s silliness sort of betrays the effort put into his sculpt. It is very cool. And the tin! Tins are great!

I may sound a little ambivalent on this Deadpool, but I do think he’s a solid variant. The colors are great, the loadout is awesome, and we even got a unique head for the set. Sigh, but like most spoiled kids, I find myself wanting just a little more …