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Hasbro: Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Sif

Finally, Sif, in action figure form. I’ve been waiting a long time for this long time Thor character to get her due in Marvel Legends and she finally arrived as part of the Marvel Legends A-Force box set from this year.

Sif’s a great character since her appearance in Journey Into Mystery in 1960-something she’s be a regular character in the volumes of Thor. She’s made other appearances as well such as her recent solo run in Journey Into Mystery, which is a fantastic read and I wish it was on going. Many may remember Sif from the Thor movies, Thor and The Dark World, played by Jaimie Alexander (I’d love too see this is a stand alone). Most people probably recognise her from the Walter Simonson run on Thor back in the ’80s. As I mentioned, a character with a long comics history. Oh and she was never a character in A-Force, but mad props for the inclusion.

The figure is based on a combination of figures, looks like the figure is primarily based on Angela, with new a chest, more than likely Silk’s chest; and a new head. It’s a great mix of parts and works well. The costume reflects the more recent look in Journey Into Mystery, but could just as easily be adopted into any era.

This Angela base figure is pretty tall, not as tall as the Red She-Hulk base, but tall enough to be godly. One of the bonuses on this figure is the hip articulation, just a standard barbel, no 90/45 degree pin like Red She-Hulk. This makes for a ton of easy posing.

Sir comes a furry cape, we’ve seen this on the Enchantress and sword, I don’t know if this is re-use. Nothing fancy. I took the cape off for my display, there was no need for it, it doesn’t pose well.

Sif is a classic Marvel character, key to the Thor, Asgardian, mythos. She’s a solid action figure and definitely worth picking up. You can get her today at: