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Mezco: More One:12 Collective Defenders Dr. Strange Images and Info

Mezco has released more pictures of their One:12 Collective Marvel Defenders Dr. Strange! I may just need that Orb of Agamotto…

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme and one of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes. He has been an integral part of many teams, but his costume with the Defenders is one of his most iconic looks. That is why we’re excited to announce The One:12 Collective Previews Exclusive Marvel Defenders Doctor Strange.

This exclusive Doctor Strange figure takes on a darker tone with black robes and crimson detailing. The figure also features an all new Orb of Agamotto accessory, a magical object capable of seeing into multiple dimensions as well as exclusively colored magical effects.

This item is only available through and exclusive to Previews. You can order from most online shops, like Fwoosh sponsors Dorkside Toys and BigBadToyStore!

3 thoughts on “Mezco: More One:12 Collective Defenders Dr. Strange Images and Info

  1. And yet another pre-order sapping the life out of my bank account…

  2. I’d be surprised if it didn’t close considering the details and moving parts on things as small as the pistols they make

  3. The Orb! Damn them 😛 I wish they had made him in his original costume with the blue cloak and square amulet instead… He hasn’t worn this costume in ages (and not a fan).

    I wonder if the Orb is hinged so it can close or if it’s perma-opened. That’s a very small hinge, if it’s static. Looks fragile :/

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