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Playmates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutant Sweeper Ops Playset

I have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan and collector for the vast majority of my time on this planet. I have seen all kinds of executions, variations, scales, and styles when it comes to TMNT toys during my time, and the breadth of product and collectibles that has been offered over the years is nothing short mind-boggling. In due fashion, Playmates is bringing the concept of “micro figures” back to market via the TMNT Micro Mutants banner, and tiny figures and playsets offer several new play possibilities across multiple scales.

Hitting shelves now is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants Sweeper Ops Vehicle Playset. This is a combinative item (as the name suggests) that can be used as an elaborate playset for the Micro scale figures, or as an action feature-laden transport for your standard 5-inch scale TMNT figures. So it goes without saying that it presents a lot of varied play opportunities, and when it all comes down to it, it makes for a really fun toy.

The micro scale is nothing new to the TMNT property, and it has its roots in the original toy line, but Playmates is really taking it to another level with this Sweeper Ops set, because there is a lot going on. The little Micro figures are a nice way to build up a collection quickly at a relatively low price point, so to have something that can not only store all of those tiny pieces but also provide an interactive play environment is making this release a double win for the small scale, even if you overlook the compatibility to the standard line.

While this is very serviceable as a battle-ready street sweeper for your TMNT figures (more on that in a moment), once you open it up, it provides a whole landscape for your Micro Mutants. There several different action features, the sweeper and conveyer belt shuffles the minis into the jail cell; the manhole cover drops to send the Foot below; there are gangplanks that allow access to the side where computer consoles and tracking equipment awaits; and there is a massive ramp that fits the micro cars so you can send them racing on their way. There really is a lot to take in, and my daughter and I are already finding new adventures with these littles.

The set also includes three micro figures (Leo, Raph, and Shredder), so if you have not been collecting the Micro Mutants up to this point, this is a good way to get started. I am not dipping into hyperbole when I say that this set can accommodate, like, 50 figures, so while Playmates has released many unique characters thus far as Micros, I hope they continue to get us more. As I said, this is a space and money saving way to amass a large character collection for TMNT, so if you have been holding back, now is the time.

Finally, the Sweeper serves as cool vehicle for your 5-inch Turtle figures, and if you didn’t open it up, you would never even know there were adventures to be had inside. I appreciate that the form of the vehicle was not sacrificed to accommodate the Micro playset, and the functionality of the action features add to the play experience, while also helping to clean up your little dudes. It is funny, put Michelangelo in the driver’s seat and it looks like he is cleaning up his own TMNT toys as it sweeps them up off the floor. While that is pretty plastic meta, this baby is still good to ram full charge into an army of the Foot because this is a heavy armor ride to be sure.

Overall, this is a really fun toy, and I just love how it is cross compatible with multiple scales. The Micro Mutants line is really fun and easy to collect, and this is a spacious environment for them. Plus, you can literally use the Sweeper to pick up your toys. As an actual 5-inch scale battle-ready street sweeper, this also works seamlessly as a vehicle, so that is, like, double the play for price. You know you want it, so you be sure to pick one up HERE.

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  1. All that talk about how this can interact with the regular sized toys and not one shot of it actually doing that? For shame, sir. For shame!

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