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Mezco: One:12 Collective X-Men Deadpool Video and Quick Pics

This is where DisThunder or canonball would talk about their One:12 Collective figures before getting into the review. They have a history with the line, a connection. On the other hand, my only experience with Mezco before this Deadpool in his X-men uniform was about ten minutes over a burrito dinner. I’m a total noob to the scene.

But now I’m a total convert.

It’s not that I disliked the line, I just couldn’t get myself to jump in. Didn’t want to get invested in another company. I’d seen the pics and liked what I saw, but I dig the action figures I’ve always bought, not these cloth covered toys. Then while at Salt Lake Comic Con last spring DisT handed me the Punisher and BvS Batman while at dinner and I’ll be damned, they were amazing. I mean, I forgot I was eating type amazing. The construction, the accessories, the overall look. I was blown away. Impressed enough to go the next day at the con and pick up a Punisher for myself.

And then I never opened it.

Again, I was afraid of falling down that deep, dark rabbit hole. It was there, tempting me, but I resisted. I knew I loved it. Hell, I even put a few more One:12 Collective figures on pre-order, but only a few. Red Skull. Dr. Strange. The ones I felt were enhanced by having loose clothes but no masks, telling myself that the change in texture from plastic head to cloth costume on the body-suited characters looked weird. But then X-Men Deadpool released, which I had pre-ordered simply because I don’t have a Wade in that costume. At least not one I liked.

I’m hooked. I’m down in that deep, dark hole yelling “Hey man, you got any more of them Mezco One:12 Collective figures?” They are little Hot Toys. There’s no other way to put it. The price seems high but really, you’re getting half the size for a third of the price. And it’s totally worth it. High quality. Detailed, working accessories. Personality for miles. It’s like having a domestic import company, if that makes any sense.

Sure, the ankles are hindered and it can be a little fiddly with the harness on top of cloth on top of body aspect, but I want more. I need more. I put the X-Force Deadpool on pre-order. I jumped on the red Deadpool. I’m eyeballing which Captain America I want. I need a Deathstroke. That Popeye is snatched, not to mention Iron Man. How many Wolverines can I get? Do I pay aftermarket prices for Batfleck and Shadowland Daredevil? I still feel that the figures with masks look off a little bit because of the plastic/cloth transition, but not nearly as much as I did. And even that’s slowly becoming a non-issue. Oh, I need to track that Joker down? Can a hillbilly get a Dark Knight Returns Batman over here?

Curse you, DisT. And the Red Iguana. And SLCC. And undersnow.



Standard head:

Alternate head:




Once again I made you look at action figure crotch. Robo: 5  You: 0




6 thoughts on “Mezco: One:12 Collective X-Men Deadpool Video and Quick Pics

  1. Sigh…okay…you can come to dinner next time too, but you buy your own drinks. I ain’t meals on wheels here.

  2. Some of the Mezco figures, the clothes look really baggy but this, THIS is a masterpiece.

    I love this color scheme a lot. The ankles do bother me a lot, but the ONLY real issue is the transition between the head sculpt and mask. If takes away for the uniformity and makes the figure look a bit cheaper than it should. But at this time, there probably is no other way to do the heads with masks.

  3. The accessories look great and the sculpted parts are obviously superior to Hasbro’s but looking at that comparison picture I’d still take the ML figure every time. One looks like a comic drawing, the other looks like a dude in pajamas.

  4. My feelings exactly. After getting Punisher I was looking at everything else. At first Mezco figures were a curiosity, but after seeing the quality in person I just cant get enough of them.

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