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Hasbro: Black Series Luke Skywalker and X-34 Landspeeder

Vehicles are a funny thing for 6-inch scale collectors. I see a lot of interest for them on the boards, but the issue is always cost and space. Hasbro is dipping their toe into the pool again with medium-sized Star Wars vehicles, and they debuted the first offering of the range at SDCC. Let’s take a look at the SDCC exclusive version of Luke Skywalker and his X-34 Landspeeder!

I love the landspeeder. I have fond memories of attending a large pool party when I was a small child, and the host’s son had the original Kenner Landspeeder, a Luke, and a Bossk. I never went in the pool that day and played for hours with those figures. Oddly enough, I never got one of the newer Landspeeders, so I was looking forward to this version.

The Landspeeder comes packaged in a hefty black box with really stylish gray and orange graphics. The whole package is so pretty, it seems a shame to mess with it. Almost. If you are a MOC collector, I would recommend this version.

The speeder itself is beautifully detailed and painted exceptionally well. Usually with a Hasbro vehicle, I feel like they need a wash or some dust added, but this looks pretty fantastic and Tatooine-grungy right out of the box.

There are blast marks, paint chipping and dirty washes all over this thing. The sculpt itself has some fine details and includes a storage compartment, two opening engine compartments, controls panels, and one engine pod with a detailed mess of exposed wires.

The engine also has an action feature that spins a piece when you hit a button. It’s kinda neat and you can see Robo working his on youtube here:

It feels like a good match for the screen version, if slightly small. The clear windscreen bubble is removable to help you get the figures posed in the cockpit.

When sitting Luke and friends in there it gets a little cramped. I was thinking if it were just 1 percent bigger, it would be perfect. I love that it comes with a pretty unobtrusive floating stand that can be removed if so desired. I used Photoshop to erase the stand in a lot of these photos.

The Luke figure is pretty much the same as the one that Hasbro released earlier, but with a new head sculpt and different material for the tunic. I like the proportions of this head a bit better than the last Luke and the paint is nicer, but the eyebrows are a little high and I think it makes him look a little too intense. He also has a little shading on his cheeks, I’m guessing to simulate five o’clock shadow, but I don’t remember Luke having that.

The new robe doesn’t really work for me either. I think I actually prefer the original one. This one doesn’t want to lay down, so the sleeves always seem super puffy.

Luke comes with a bunch of accessories, including a rifle, a hat, macrobinoculars, a lightsaber, and a poncho.

The poncho, hat and rifle were accessories I wished that came with the original Luke release, so it’s good to get them here. The poncho is a nice, soft material and lays pretty well. It’s an example of well done soft goods. I just need to steam it a bit to get the folds out.

The rifle looks accurately large and clips securely to the speeder. The hat is soft plastic and actually fits pretty well which is surprising because Luke has a big head of hair.

The Macrobinoculars and saber are reuse from the original Luke, but they round out the release nicely.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this release. The speeder is so good looking and the accessories are really nice. The only real downside is that the Luke figure is still not 100 percent what I’m looking for in a Tatooine Luke, and the speeder is slightly too small for the figures. Just slightly. In order to get Old Ben in there, I had to heat and pop the figure apart at the waist and remove the long plastic skirt.

This set will be up on Hasbro Toy Shop in September and retails for $90.00. Later in the year, a slightly different version of the set will hit retail. It supposedly will have the same accessories, the only differences being that the retail release won’t have the special packaging, will have fewer paint ops on the speeder, won’t have the moving turbine, the tunic will be a different material, and it will be $30 cheaper. Might be worth waiting depending on your level of patience and interest in paint hits.

18 thoughts on “Hasbro: Black Series Luke Skywalker and X-34 Landspeeder

  1. The likeness really isn’t there in my opinion. Strange that Mark Hamill has such a hard face to replicate.

  2. I have seen the real filming model in person and it this looks like it is in the correct scale with the figures.

  3. Nice! Hope you can find some time! The new landspeeder really has me wanting the whole Lars compound in scale, haha, maybe minus the scorched remains? Gonna keep my eyes out for any good looking moisture farmy supplies. Still gotta build jabba’s throne too, just waiting to find or make a good frog bowl.

  4. I got mine from an ebay seller. I’ve been thinking about trying to scratch build another with PVC pipe and styrene, but I’ve been too busy lately.

  5. Woah, wait. 1:12 moisture farming equipment, nice!!! When where how? I’ve got to make some! These pictures are incredible!!!

  6. love how the figures come off recreating the scenes from a new hope perfectly including the one of ben telling the storm trooper these are not the droids your looking for. though hasbro could have used a better head sculpt for luke imo.

  7. The pictures are great. Luke’s face is not. How could they get the likeness so wrong?

  8. Love the getaway shots. That’s even cooler than it looked in my head 20-odd years ago. FWIW, my Power of the Force Luke and speeder seemed to scale about the same way- not accurate, but at least there’s some charm.

  9. Matt, the Star Wars Collectors Club released a cardboard fold up Cantina set about 10-15 years ago and you can still find them on ebay for around 25 bucks. It was scaled for 3 3/4 inch figures but with your powers of photography, you could probably use it as a decent background.

  10. Haha! Thanks! I wish I had some better Mos Eisley sets to shoot. A cantina would be cool.

  11. Thanks! I was going for a classic Luke Duke hood slide with that one, Skywalker being a country boy it seemed to fit.

  12. Was scrolling down the pictures… i forgot this was a figure review… was like flipping through screen shots from the movie…wheres the cantina scene after the these arent the droids ur looking for scene… hehehe

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