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Fwoosh Weekly: SHF Kid Goku, MAS-02 Megatron, MAFEX Justice League, Articulated Icons, and more!

A lot to talk about this week, surprisingly. And fortunately, because it’s my favorite day of the week. The Weekly! So let’s ramble about some S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Goku and Street Fighter Akuma, a tiny tease for Marvel Select Black Panther, Hasbro’s exclusive Tony Stark, the very tempting Toys Alliance MAS-02 Megatron, a buttlod of MAFEX with Justice League and Batman Begins, and a solid date for the Articulated Icons sale!

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Goku

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Street Fighter Akuma

Marvel Select Black Panther tease

Marvel Unlimited exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark

Toys Alliance Mega Action Series MAS-02 Megatron

Medicom MAFEX Batman Begins Scarecrow w/Demon Batman parts and Justice League Flash, Superman, and Batman

Articulated Icons Labor Day sale of ninjas, samurai, and arms packs starts Friday at noon CST and ends late Monday, or while supplies last.

7 thoughts on “Fwoosh Weekly: SHF Kid Goku, MAS-02 Megatron, MAFEX Justice League, Articulated Icons, and more!

  1. Kid Goku is a must buy! It’s about time they finally made his release official.
    I’m still undecided about whether to go with Mafex or Figuarts to complete the Justice League. . .

  2. Where is the URL link or shopping cart to order from?
    Also have you considered selling on ebay like NECA does? As that is an easy option for people to buy as well.

  3. Hi, Robo. I posted this question on your last Weekly, but think it might’ve been missed. For this initial stock, it sounds like there’ll be plenty available, but when you eventually start the sale for the more limited figures (the martial artists), have you guys considered limiting the sale to Kickstarter backers only for the first 24 hours? The Four Horsemen did this with their first in stock sale for Mythic Legions 1.0 and it was much appreciated by the backers, since they were only competing against hundreds of other people instead of possibly thousands.

    Also, have you guys considered a limited number of all-in sets during the Labor Day Sale? I’d definitely be down for another full set of ninjas and it’d be a great way to grab them all once they go in stock instead of having to put each one in the cart and risking sell out. Same goes for the full set once everything is put on sale with the martial artists. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, I thought I was misremembering that bit.

    About twice the size, but, hehe, about the same price as Takara’s MP releases.

  5. No, I only have one of the MP-10 releases, not the MAS one. But this MAS Megatron makes me want to grab the MAS Prime to have the set. Expensive!

  6. I saw this last night, so I might be misremembering something, but I believe you said you had both one of the MP releases of Optimus and the Mega Action Series release. It only makes sense to me to get both for Megatron.

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