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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts The Dark Knight Batpod Promotional Images and Info

The resurgence of Nolan Trilogy Batman product continues with the Bandai S.H. Figuarts Batpod. Not that I’m complaining.

 I’ve missed every Batpod before this, for one reason or another. There’s the one at Target I couldn’t ever catch. And I wasn’t into MAFEX when their Batpod was on the market.

But that’s okay because it seems Bandai is putting out what seems to be the ultimate version.

I don’t know if that’s a pic of the actual product, but it’s cool.

The Batpod some with a stand and extra hands for the already-released TDK Batman. Why the extra hands?

So he can hold the included EMP rifle. Nifty.

Even more nifty is the fact that the Batpod does more than just hold Batman and roll forward. Apparently, and this is only if Google is being nice to me today, the cycle has an extending gimmick that allows the tires to turn laterally. Which is to say, they can turn sideways for left and right action. Again, that’s only if I’m reading the translated description right.

And then, of course, they don’t actually show that in pictures. I imagine it being awesome though.

The Batpod is a Soul Web exclusive so you’ll have to go through one of the third party sites like Nippon-Yasan or Anime-Export. Unless Bluefin wants to be sweethearts and offer it to outside markets. It’s running about $110 and will release at the end of January 2018.