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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Version 2

I wanted to hate this figure. I wanted to hate Bandai. I wanted to curse them. Instead — instead — I have a man crush. Thank you, Bandai. Thank you for providing me with a figure that I originally missed out on (even though I had one in my hand) that is even better than the original.

Uh … pabs, you just said you passed on one; how can you know what the original was like? The answer is simple, I did pick up the Super Saiyan Vegeta, which has most of the same base, and it was excellent for the time. And I thought, why re-release? How do you improve on this already great figure? How?

And in improving would you have to rescale the figure, forcing collectors to have re-invest for no reason because Bandai decided to change the scale? The answer is no. Collectors over the world rejoice there is no real difference in scale and if you are perfectly happy with your incredibly expensive first releases, then you can keep him. BUT! If you missed out on the original release, don’t want to pay eBay prices, don’t want buy a knock-off, then this Vegeta is perfect for you.

Vegeta keeps all the great scaling of the original figure, he has all the great sculpting of the original figure. Not all the same paint, but he makes up for that in being loaded with more articulation. The added ab joint is a wonder. I was worried about the placement in the middle of the amour, but it’s perfect. Vegeta can bend over. Awesome. He can lean back. Awesome. The ab joint really makes this figure go from really good to over-the-top fantastic.

The hips on Vegeta are new — most collectors know them from Trunks and Kakashi. They don’t look seamless, but they make up for that in their posability. They are also sturdy as hell, so no worry about Vegeta losing his pose.

There is a slew of extras: hands, faces, an eye-piece, arms, and an extra head. I have no idea at all what the difference between head one and head two is — they look and feel the exact same, and I’m certain someone will read this and tell me the difference, and we’ll all rejoice. All the extras are fun, but I’ll be displaying Vegeta with articulated arms, fists, and the out-of-the-box face.

The verdict is buy this figure. The first figure is really tough to get if you missed out, and this figure is an excellent improvement to an already almost perfect action figure. It’s worth the pick up.

You can get Vegeta here:


1 thought on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Version 2

  1. The difference between heads it’s just one comes with a gap to place the scouter and the other dont… I’m one of those who skiped the first version… just place my hands on it and it’s all that I can ask for

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