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Articulated Icons: Labor Day Weekend “Testing the Store” Sale!

Begins Friday, September 1st at noon CST until Monday, September 4th evening or while supplies last!
An allotment of assorted Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series wave 1 will be made available as we test out our web store. Supplies for this sale are limited but everything will be made available again when the store officially opens at a later date.

21 thoughts on “Articulated Icons: Labor Day Weekend “Testing the Store” Sale!

  1. Missed out on the KS, so glad I had a second chance. Now I owe Visa $500+ and that doesn’t include Force Friday hauls. LOL!! Waaaaahhhhh!!!

  2. Really wanted to snag a Solitaire, 2 Reds, and a Black but only had the money for a Deluxe White and Arms pack. Here’s hoping they do another run of these in the future.

  3. CST is just a scam perpetrated on the American people by the Timex/Rolex conglomerate also known as BIG TIME. Everyone and anyone who reads the truth from such bloggers as “PSTPTSD,” “Mean Joe Greenwich Mean time” and my personal favorite “Second Hand Stan” will tell you that in today’s competitive market anybody who goes by that substandard timestamp known as “CST” can’t possibly survive.

  4. Based on Robo’s weekly video from August 26, he seemed to imply that all the figures will be available, along with the arms/hands/wraps pack, except for the martial artists and Kickstarter Exclusive smokey ninja.

  5. Will there be any sort of all-in package available (possibly with a slight discount) so that we don’t have to add each individual figure to our cart and risk sell out? Can you comment at all on pricing? Thanks!

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