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SDCC 2017: Preview Night Hasbro Star Wars

Hasbro stepped up their diorama game with a MASSIVE 40th Anniversary Diorama display. Click through for pics of this monster, the Forces of Destiny figures, and the Star Wars Black exclusives.

I love dioramas and Hasbro had two amazing diorama displays full of figures. The construction of the backdrops and figure posing were really fantastic here. The giant display featured many scenes from Star Wars completed with Star Wars Black six inch figures.

Also on display were opened exclusives including the Luke and Rey set, the landspeeder and Luke set and the Thrawn office set. These are all pretty nice, though Thrawn is still my absolute fave. The other new Black Series figure was Hera in a production form. They also had the six inch scale min-diorama statues of Hoth Pilot Luke and Darth Vader. These are looking really attractive to me. I hope to see more.

Finally, the Forces of Destiny were out in full force. These dolls aren’t really to my taste, but I have to say I really love the Tooka Cat and Wicket companion figures. The Wicket is actually flocked!

9 thoughts on “SDCC 2017: Preview Night Hasbro Star Wars

  1. nice to see hera is at last going to show up after some delay too bad hasbro due to costs say oh as a surprise and part of the 40th ann we are rereleasing the death star and a forty ann milineum falcone

  2. Oh god…imagine those dioramas with the Figuart versions…I just…I can’t even.

  3. But that is the problem. You have the pretty amazing Marvel Legends line and you have the crappy paint jobs in the Star Wars line with a Luke Skywalker that has no accessory at all. Not to mention that the availibity outside the USA of the figures is horrendous and that’s not outside of Hasbros hand (some people on JTA explained the whole thing with store managers and such things). I mean, I have no issue getting NECA figures but a crummy Star Wars 6” figure is sometimes a pain in the ass to find (a standard TFA Stormtrooper simply didn’t exist for quiet some time). The issue is simply, that the company isn’t harmonised, one division does it in one way, another divison in the other way and even though division B is doing a way better job with it’s way, division A ignores it. There are people at Hasbro doing a damn fine job (whoever decided to include Sabines spray painter deserves a medal) but others make questionable or simply wrong decisions. I really want more and cheaper diorama pieces (and I don’t mind acessories too) but I simply don’t trust Hasbro, until they resolve their issues.

  4. I don’t really agree. Marvel Legends is going from strength to strength, Forces of Destiny looks amazing, TBS6″ seems to by and large be dealing with its paint issues. Distribution is out of Hasbros control almost entirely, unless they aren’t meeting orders so retailers cant ship them to their stores.
    The main remaining problem with TBS and sometimes ML is the lack of accessories with some figures it is true.

  5. Especially auch Diorama Sets would certainly be cheaper if produced on a grand scale but I have huge doubts concerning Hasbros overall competence. The company is acting badly on many levels, no matter if it’s distribution or production. Hera is looking great but considering how my Sabine looks without helmet, they certainly paint the figure before the events (no Leia is looking like that too). I still hope she is going to turn out okay.

    What I also wish to see: different hands. Thrawn is not an action hero, it’s good for him to hold a gun but same as Tarkin I wouldn’t mind a non-combat hand.

  6. 6″ Hera is so gorgeous. I wish Hasbro would consider releasing the Falcon, corvette and death star diorama pieces commercially, no offense to GTP but a company producing those with Hasbros economies of scale and availability would be amazing. Can’t wait to see whatever new reveals there are at the SW panel.
    Forces of Destiny is looking great, love the Tooka cat with Ahsoka, and finally seeing good picture of the Ahsoka figure.

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