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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Justice League Batman Teaser

Bandai has release preliminary solicitation for S.H. Figuarts releases for later in the year, among them being Batman from Justice League!

No concrete info other than an November release date but looking at the teaser pics it looks like Batman at least comes with several sets of hands and a batarang. And there’s a cloth cape again!

More info as it becomes available!

10 thoughts on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Justice League Batman Teaser

  1. The ab crunch seems deliberately obscured in these images: 1) by foreshortening (the torso is tilted forward toward the camera), 2) by hiding it behind his left arm, and 3) by placing the light source behind him. The crunch will be much more conspicuous up close, in good light, but who cares? The overall sculpt looks so good, especially the head, that this is a must-grab.

  2. Finally!

    I can complete the circle, I own the MEZCO, MAFEX and HOT TOYS Batfleck. MEZCO being my favorite for 6-inch scale.

  3. Yes. Yes, I will buy this Batman. I will buy this Figuarts Batman. Yes.

  4. Looks pretty freaking awesome. The MAFEX version was surprisingly solid, but this one appears to blow it out of the water. The sculpt is crisp and clean, and the articulation scheme looks outstanding. I love the fact that they managed to work in butterfly joints at the shoulder/chest area without breaking up the upper torso sculpt. Looks fucking GREAT!

  5. Damn…and I bought the Mafex DoJ Batman… kinda regret it now… This one is instabuy in my mind.

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