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Mezco: One:12 Collective Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman

I’m on the fence with Mezco’s BVS Superman. On one hand I love the figure. It’s a great size and shape for Superman, and the costume is beautifully designed. On the other hand, the head sculpts or paints on the heads just came out horribly.

Which leave me with a weird feeling about the figure. DisThunder covered this figure back when it came out, and I rarely follow up another reviewer, but as with BVS Batman and as will be with Wonder Woman, I just need to dig my claws into these figures. Much like Mezco’s OG Star Trek figures, I will be collecting the DC movie figures of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; it feel like the right thing to do.

Mezco’s Superman falls short for me in two key areas: the heads and the feet. I know the latter sounds strange, but I really am not feeling the feet. They look super long and super narrow. After comparing them to BVS Bats, I can confirm they are a bit long and bit narrow, throwing off the look. I don’t know if the actor who plays Superman, Henry Cavil, has long narrow feet, but the action figure does.

The three heads are strange. For starters, the color of the plastic is pasty white, which naturally drowns out any detail. Then there seems to be a lack of paint or half-assed paint. I felt like I was looking at Hasbro face paint apps. Finally I can’t tell if the sculpt is there, so the only way to confirm is to repaint the heads.

Beyond that, I love the figure, I love the sculpting, the detailing, and the cloth costume — the way it drapes and the articulation. There is so much good in this figure. There are also a slew of accessories that come standard with Mezco One:12 Collective action figures.

You will want to pick this figure up if you want to complete the “big 3” for your DC collection. However, you might be put off by the final execution of the head sculpts. You can pick this figure up here:
























3 thoughts on “Mezco: One:12 Collective Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman

  1. I the to agree with Mikel Janin, I love this figure, I think the sculpt is pretty solid, paint apps could have been bumped up, but with the detail in the costume, the cape and all the extras really make this a great superman figure.

  2. I have this figure and the armored Batman, and they look great together. I agree on the paint and the skin tone, they both need a little extra somethin-somethin’ to make it a stellar figure. The sculpt is there on the heads, but they need better paint apps to make it pop. Of the 3 heads, the heat-vision one is my favorite (it’s GITD btw). My biggest disappointment is the paltry amount of accessories. Sure he’s got some extra hands and the manhole cover (which is neat), but when you look at Space Ghost with all his effect pieces and Blip for the same price, it seems like Superman got short-changed. I feel like he needed a heat blast, ground pound or something to make him comparable with the other figs in the line.

  3. I can’t agree with you. I really love this figure. The headsculpt is definitely there, and it’s easy to see it with light from above, when the shadows of the sculpt have a bigger weight than the paint apps in the whole look. The paint is too light, that’s true, and a good repaint might put it to the next level, but as is is a pretty solid figure, and the ups easily beat the downs for me. As for the feet, I don’t know if they’re too big or not, but that doesn’t bother me the slightest. He looks really great besides Batman.

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