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Mattel: DC Universe Classics Series 4 Cyborg

Teen Titans: great concept, great comic, great characters. And a great snapshot of the the ’80s. Vic Stone, aka Cyborg, was one of the characters featured in the ’80s relaunch of the title, and he quickly became a popular character. His action figure from DC Universe Classics series 4 is also an incredible figure and fan favorite.

Originally, Vic Stone was the son of some serious mad scientists who were doing some intelligence enhancements on him. Eventually, he hits the teen years, gets rebellious, and gets into sports, gangs and drugs. One day while visiting mom and dad at the mad scientist lab, S.T.A.R. Labs, Vic’s mom is killed and he’s horribly mangled by some dimensional being. Vic’s dad decides to save what is left of his son by turning him into a cyborg. I think this story’s been retconned a bit where Vic visits his dad who is working on a Motherbox that explodes, destroying Vic’s body. Vic’s dad throws some robot parts on and some does some nanite magic, then with some residual Motherbox magic, Vic becomes Cyborg.

This is a great figure, a seriously great figure. The sculpt captures the ’80s comic book look perfectly. It’s literally like the figure jumped of the page and onto your display. This is one of the few original sculpts in the line, there is no reuse on this figure. Four Horsemen Studios took advantage of the opportunity that the robot parts presented and went nuts on the sculpt. This figure has some great details.

The articulation is par for the course for any and all DC Universe classics action figures. Ankles, knees, thigh swivels, hinged hips, waist, abs, ball shoulders, bicep swivels, elbows, wrist swivels, and ball neck. All the joints are tight and allow for a great range of movement.

Cyborg comes with two accessories: claw thing and shocker thing. They both attach to the right hand and can swivel around. There was an exclusive version of this figure that was sold with the sonic cannon.

Cybrog is a core character in both the classic and current universes and a must-have action figure in your collection. The figure is a top notch figure and looks beautiful. You can pick up the figure here:











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