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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Mary Jane 2-pack TRU Exclusive Video and Quick Pics

The Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson 2-pack is an interesting release. I was super psyched to grab MJ after all of this time. Sure, it’s not classic, but neither is the Spidey. Plus I’ll support any release that gets us a civilian figure (if you can call the former Mrs. Parker a civilian at this point.) But no, the big surprise, at least for me, is the Spider-Man. Gah!

Don’t get me wrong, Mary Jane is an awesome figure. Her hands may be a little wonky, with the fist seeming a little undersized and the flared hand slightly large, and her neck a bit short, but I’m super happy to have her gracing my toy shelf. I’m cool with it skewing more modern than classic but I would have liked to see the Spidey logo on the chest like we see occasionally.

Spider-Man, on the other hand, I wasn’t too excited about. I like the Pizza Spidey body and I actually screwballed my original version, but this Pete is the modern costume. I haven’t read a lot of modern comics. So the bluish glow was throwing me off. The upward angularity of the classic duds was ugly to my eye. The use of the Superior head instead of the original just didn’t seem right.

Then I got him out of the box.

WOW. To me, the focal point of the original costume were the eyes, patches of white in the midst of blue, red, and black. But the simulated glow of green/blue totally meshes the eyes into the overall suit, allowing the chest spider to take some time in the spotlight. The glow helps it stand out along with the eyes, which totally work with the sculpted edges of the Superior head. And once you start hitting poses with it, the angles of the suit play into the flow of the figure. It’s still classic flair but with a modern twist, my favorite kind of super suit. It’s like getting a new figure even though it’s reuse.




Mary Jane:

Spider-Man alternate head:

Spider-Man hands:

Mary Jane accessory:



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