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Hasbro: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Legends Gamora and Nebula Video and Quick Pics

Hey Hasbro, how have you been? Good? Cool. Yeah, I’ve been good too, staying busy. What’s that? No, I didn’t know you planning to crank it to 11 and put out import quality Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures. Is that so? Yeah? Let me just look at this Gamora and Nebula and judge it for myse…..oh mah gah these are amazing!!

I’m going to start this off and say that I can’t praise these two figures enough. Sure, Gamora is a little wobbly to stand, being on high heels and stiff detents, and both figures have very little ab crunch, but just look at them! Gamora’s face, while a little bored, is probably the best looking bored face I’ve seen on a $20 action figure, at least in a long long time. If I were to make a wild guess I would say that Hasbro has incorporated some kind of print tech to paint the eyes and facial features. We kind of saw it with the GotG2 wave 1 Star-Lord, where you could see some pixels when you get close or take a macro shot. It’s harder to tell if that’s exactly what’s going on with Gamora but you can’t deny the results. And that’s an amazing likeness.

Nebula is no slouch either, even though her eyes are mostly blacked out the resemblance is uncanny. Adding the fantastic sculpt on the rest of the body and paint apps to make you cry tears of joy, this is the Nebula we’ve been waiting for since the first movie debuted. Both of these figures are, really, after swinging back around and looking at the first movie’s Gamora figure. This one puts that to shame. Utter, disgraceful shame.

Seriously, I can’t get enough of these two. I almost feel like I don’t need an import version. If one were to pop up I’d get it just for the sake of comparing but these two are going to be hard to beat.




Gamora accessories:

Nebula accessories:



28 thoughts on “Hasbro: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Legends Gamora and Nebula Video and Quick Pics

  1. Yeah but then I’d be stuck with Shatterstar and Sunfire and who cares about those guys? Weirdos, that’s who.

  2. It seems to me that GOTG is one of the few movie lines in which we have gotten a ton of characters of the film in back to back waves… This brings me back to the X-Men, Spiderman, Fantastic 4 ToyBiz years where we got multiple waves with different characters…

  3. Great! Figures with all new sculpts! Will definitely pick these up!

  4. Eh, she’s 90% machine, I can give a little allowance towards the inhumanoid physique.

  5. Cool review, and awesome photos. Has anyone found these in the wild yet?

  6. You may not be into online shopping, but others are. I’m not into collecting just the empty boxes of Hot Toys figures, but if I have one and I don’t need the box anymore, I’m not gonna let my personal disinterest in collecting empty Hot Toys boxes stop me from selling it, and enabling someone else who does to get something they want. Plus, a lot of people are only looking for the BAF part, and not the figure. If you don’t actually want to build the BAF, but you keep the BAF part, you’re keeping something that serves no purpose to you, but could serve a purpose to someone else.

    Again, not trying to tell you what to do with your money and figures, just giving suggestions.

  7. I’m not much for online shopping, so I’m not going to do that to somebody else. Besides I’m not one for breaking up stuff like that. It came with (insert character name) so it stays with them, basically.

  8. You can always sell the BAF part on eBay. Think about it in your head like this: when you’re buying a figure, instead of feeling obligated to build the BAF yourself, maybe trick your mind into ignoring that by thinking about how you’re going to help someone else build the BAF. Don’t know if that’ll work, but it’s a suggestion.

  9. I’m only really thinking about ones like the TRU exclusive Groot that I know don’t have a Build-A-Figure part.

  10. I hate that gimmick too, but it didn’t stop me from making a mistake and buy ML which most likely never going to happn again. Don’t worry, you don’t miss anything.

  11. But her shoulders are way too low which make her arms seems long like men have. Not to mention, there’s that weird gap as a result.

  12. Which is exactly why I always preorder the case. There is no thrill in this hunt for me.

  13. Call it OCD if you like, but I’d feel like I had to get them all because of the included part.

  14. Why does the BAF piece matter? Wouldn’t you just buy the ones you want and not worry about the BAF?

  15. Dammit, these are popping up already and I still can’t find Jim Lee Cyclops.

  16. If they dropped the Build-A-Figure thing from the Marvel Legends line, I might start picking them up.

  17. Well, Nebula’s hip area looks just fine now that it’s posed by folks who actually know how to handle action figures.

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