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Medicom: MAFEX Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens Update

Medicom is showing a production sample of their MAFEX Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it’s looking pretty good. Pretty good? Pretty good.

I’m not going to say it’s perfect because we’ve all seen MAFEX’s unmasked heads in the past. Great prototype paints, really basic or wrong final production pieces. But with the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Medicom has started using a face printing tech and while Harley looks nice (I haven’t had a chance to crack mine open yet) it’s not really a good gauge for the process because of her skintone. Rey is the first we’ll be seeing on that front. And while she looks porcelain and a little doll-like, it’s better than what I was imagining.

A bit fair-skinned for someone growing up on a desert planet. But far better than it could have been.

Another big seller for the figure is the great accessories. The helmet splits in half in order to fit over the head and the masked head is an interchangeable piece. The backpack has a strap that unplug so you don’t have to do the dreaded “slide down over both arms and avoid the tight spots” when removing the pack. The pistol looks nice and the lightsaber blade is removable. There’s also extra hands for fists, grips, and gloved.

Also shown was an early FN-2187 who is also looking spiffy. I’m guessing it uses the face printing tech also?

Rey is scheduled for this month at the moment after being pushed a few times. I’m ready though, let’s do this Medicom. Finn is scheduled May. I skipped on the FO Stormtrooper but I’ve heard it’s good so I’m excited about this release too. Both figures run about $50.