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Hasbro: X-Men Legends Dazzler and Shatterstar Video and Quick Pics

After looking at a couple of longtime X-Men with Colossus and Cyclops, let’s turn our attention to the mother and son of the newest Marvel Legends wave: Dazzler and Shatterstar!

Wait, are they still mother and son in the comics? It’s been a while.

I’ll start out by saying that, yes, I still want the blue costume with the star and short hair for Dazzler, but I am COMPLETELY satisfied having the disco look — for now. That’s what action figures have become for me. Moments of sheer happiness followed by a satiation period, leading to eventual renewal of wants and needs for teammates and different looks for the same character. It’s cyclic. It’s a compulsion. Did I just diagnose myself with a psychological disorder? Oh well, it could be crack.

Whew, breakdown averted.

With Shatterstar, I know X-Force, I remember X-Force, but I was never fully invested in X-Force. But give me a good action figure and there I go again, wanting and needed companion pieces. In fact, this whole wave is full of “Great, this is awesome, but now I need the rest of the team” figures. Cyclops needs more Jim Lee era teammates. Sunfire (who is coming up next) needs more Giant-Size characters. The BaF warrants more New Mutants. Colossus … well … okay, I don’t need any more later Astonishing costumes, but that’s just my personal opinion.

And now Shatterstar makes me want Boom Boom and Warpath and a new Cannonball and Sunspot and even Feral. Siryn. And for the love all things comic booky, we need a Rictor.

The cool thing about that era of comics, the costumes seem interchangeable between different versions. Sure, there are rules and timeframes, but to someone like me, I’d be okay with taking the Shatterstar we got and will put it with the Rictor number above. The earlier Cannonball suit with the later Warpath. And I know there are hardcores out there that are gnashing their teeth at me now, kind of like if someone told me to mix a yellow tiger stripe Wolverine with a puffy jacket New X-Men Cyclops, I’d be all “NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” But you get what I mean. Especially since, like I said, I was never invested in X-Force. Or New Mutants. Or Jim Lee era X-Men.

This wave is from Mephisto himself. Awesome figures that makes me want more figures from teams I wasn’t really asking for. Curse you, Hasbro.





Dazzler Accessories:

Shatterstar accessories:


25 thoughts on “Hasbro: X-Men Legends Dazzler and Shatterstar Video and Quick Pics

  1. I tried boiling water but they would not budge. At least I wasn’t willing to use more force because I didn’t want to snap her feet off. Who wants a rollerskateless Dazzler? Nobody, that’s who.

  2. Agree. I fear that white might turn yellow in a few years. A pearlised paint might stop that. The feet don’t move too well due to the trousers, but I dipped mine in boiled water and I was able to get more movement.

  3. Yeah, I forget I am a grown man… To me the 80’s are devided into: Reagan and Bush era… Quayle acting like an uptight wasp… And Dee Snider acting like a boss in the US Senate, telling Tipper Gore she’s a dirty, naughty girl…

  4. I am not saying is a bad figure… I saw it on retail the other day. Will prob get her if the price goes down on Amazon…

  5. 1991 is when I transitioned from strictly Superman, Swamp Thing and Batman into the world of Marvel. With that in mind any 1990s based mutant they want to crank out is A-OK with me! I still remember finding that poly-bagged copy of X-Force # 1 on the rack at the old Thrifty’s Drug Store down the street from me. Good times!

    In fact while pulling some figures out of storage I noticed my old Hasbro 2-pack Cannonball based on the TB Ghost Rider has a disintegrated rubber top overlay. Gonna need a new one of those Hasbro. Definitely wouldn’t say no to a new Warpath and Domino either. However my main want from this period is that Liefeld Cable.

  6. Yeah, isn’t that THE Dazzler? The blue suit with the strange asymmetrical sleeves right?

    I think that’s also the look from the cartoon.

  7. You gotta remember that to Millennials the period before the 1990s is a nebulous time much like the time before the “Big Bang!” To them the 1980s began and ended with Miami Vice!

    Kinda funny they did a Disco inspired character in 1980. Disco was already dead and parody by them. I myself was into the New Romantics at that time!

  8. in fact since they are doing couples two packs. hasbro should do a longshot dazzler in her other outfit or a three pack of long shot dazzler and short hair shatter star .

  9. hope later down the line we do get dazler in her other look. plus also rictor for shattterstar needs his long time pal and mate. not to mention hasbro now needs to make a new longshot to complete the family.

  10. I like dazzler, but she needed that extra accessory so badly.

    Love Shatterstar but him and dazzler needed blue shading I feel. Put maybe those paint apps are just a thing of the past?

  11. Nah…. That Dazzler came out in 1980, which still looks like the 70’s… The stereotype of the 80’s doesn’t occur until the mid 80’s…

    And it was not as Neon as they make it seem on those retro parties kids today have…

    I should know cause i was there! 🙂

  12. still want the blue costume with the star and short hair for Dazzler, ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have two gripes for Dazzler, 1) I wish the costume was silver since that’s what color that costume is supposed to be, or at least it was originally. 2) Doesn’t seem like the roller skate feet can be pivoted, on mine they cannot point straight forward.

    Other than that, I’m in love with her.

  14. Shatterstar looks great with his mamma but his boyfriend Rictor is a must

  15. I really hope the do the 80’s Dazzler… That look on the X-Men Arcade was the first time I saw her… Pretty cool 80’s Aerobics inspired outfit…

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