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Hasbro: Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantasticar

Some of you will hate me for this. Some will love me, others might be indifferent. No matter, with the upcoming Marvel Legends Invisible Woman and Human Torch and the rest expected in tow, it is time to look at some Fantasticar options.

Why the love/hate? Simple, Hasbro’s Dodge-sponsored Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantasticar, from the 2007 movie isn’t a rare find, but it isn’t in abundance. You can find it on eBay and Amazon, and for now it’s pretty cheap. I expect that once collectors who missed out on this item see how Marvel Legends actually fit in it, there will be a run on it. You will love me for pointing out that this vehicle works with Marvel Legends. You will hate me as it will create a demand and potentially drive up prices.

Recently on the Fwoosh forums, someone posted pics of this vehicle mentioning that it would be great with current Marvel Legends and collectors should pick it up. And they are correct. This vehicle, while made for a slightly larger 5-inch figure or slightly smaller 6-inch action figure, will fit with current Marvel Legends. The size of the seats vary; the front seat is a medium size, the two middle seats are small, and the back seat is large.

The front seat will easily accommodate the ass of a Bucky Cap-based Marvel Legend. I don’t know about a Grim Reaper-sized action figure, since the leg space between the dashboard and the seat make it very difficult to fit any figure, but I can get a Pizza Spidey and Bucky Cap base in there fine. The middle seats can accommodate Pizza Spidey, but Bucky Cap is a tighter fit. Most important is that the Kate Hawkeye figure that Invisible Woman is based on fits perfectly. She’ll also fit fine in the front seat, I think Reed will be in the middle with all science stuff. Finally, the back seat will accommodate all the bases up to Luke Cage, Sabertooth. I did not try with Thanos or Space Venom, but I’d expect the volume on those to be closer to the expected upcoming Hasbro Marvel Legends Fantastic Four.

The car splits into three and has wings and spoilers and all sorts of stuff for flying fun. There are wheels on the bottom in the even you are interested in recreating land speeder scenes. As I bought mine from eBay, it came as pictured and I am good with that.

I like this vehicle and it has a lot of potential. Certainly it looks good as a modern Fantasticar, but it could also be Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s new ride as Rand picked up a knock-off to use as their ride. And after putting Coulson in the car, this could easily be a Shield transport. The question is, do you need this? Yes. And you can pick it up here:



11 thoughts on “Hasbro: Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantasticar

  1. Very cool article. Got me thinking I needed a Fantasticar for my Legends FF, so I checked out Ebay and discovered a different one from what you review above. I ended up picking this one up instead because it was bigger, much more comic accurate, and it was cheaper (about $40.00 shipped MIB)! I just got it today and I love it. So, if you want something more comic accurate for your FF to ride around in, you can consider this one as well.

  2. Being that they were publicly adored superheroes and celebrities, Reed was in demand, consulting on various tech, auto, and manufacturing jobs for a fee, to pay the rent and for funding his work. I believe it was he who developed the newly redesigned HEMI engines for Dodge and as a gift, allowed him to implement the tech in whatever he wanted.

  3. I should’ve picked this piece up yesterday…the one I put in my watchlist for $46.99 with free shipping has since been sold out and all the others on sale have doubled in price from yesterday. Love theFWOOSH, i enjoy your articles very much.

  4. Little known fact: Dr. Richards was in fact the chief designer for all Dodge vehicles!

  5. God, I hated when when Hasbro was doing this weird scale of figures… Praise the Lord it didn’t turn into the norm…

  6. Have it and I have The Invisible woman, Franklin Richards and Impossible man in mine and they fit perfect! Love this thing. Got mine about 2 years ago for 20 bucks!

  7. Slap a new paint job on this and I could see this carrying the upcoming Fantastic Four figures coming from Marvel Legends.

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