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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series AT-ACT Driver Target Exclusive Video and Quick Pics

I had completely forgotten about the Target exclusive Star Wars Black Series AT-ACT Driver until I started seeing sightings. And it was a LOT of sightings, all at once, mostly from the central US. Then the east coast. Now the west coast. All over the past few days. All without warning.

I waited a day or two and then went to my Target, which is usually pretty slow to stock things like this. They’re on the ball this time around.

AND they had restocked the X-Men Legends Warlock wave so I was also able to finish off that series with Old Man Logan. Good day at Target.

But as far as exclusives go, this is the way to do it. It’s complete reuse, using the Toys R Us exclusive Tank Driver body with the Scarif Shoretrooper head. Add some paint apps and a dirty wash and that’s it. On top of that the actual trooper was barely seen in Rogue One so that just adds to the “Why do I need this again” factor some may feel. But not me. Oh no, not me.

Since I was a kid the Stromtrooper has been an iconic image in my head. The faceless foe bearing down on my heroes. And then the variations came along and I loved the concept more and more. Snowtroopers, Scout Troopers, TIE Pilots. And then eventually Clone Troopers with their different squad markings and ranks. First Order Stormtroopers and Flametroopers and updated Snowtroopers, oh my. I’m a sucker for it. All of it. So the Shoretrooper and the various ranks and the Hovertank Pilot just continues that tradition. And yeah, even the blink-and-you-miss him AT-ACT Driver.


But, if you’ve been waiting for a Hovertank Commander a simple headswap will work here and get you 95% of the way there. Just the right shoulder pad is wrong. But it works. And it also clears some of those TRU Tank Drivers off the shelf. You’re welcome.



UPC for scanning, the DPCI is 087-06-1115:




Headswap with the TRU Hovertank Driver:


19 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series AT-ACT Driver Target Exclusive Video and Quick Pics

  1. Turns out it wasn’t an issue after all, I picked it up today as a pick-it-out-myself B-day present unexpectedly. Canadians? Check TRU.

  2. Pretty slim. Likely the manager would get in trouble with corporate over it if he/she just gave a store piece away. Truthfully I don’t know why we don’t try raffling them away or something. Better then tossing them if you ask me.

  3. But now we have Tartget themed Canadian Tire stores, and Target themed empty buildings to dot our cities with.

  4. I saw and passed on this today. I still need Sabine, Baz, Chirrut, the Hoth troopers… Oy. I may go back and grab the one I stashed in the board games section just because I need some new BS6 in my life.

  5. That’s a shame. What would be the chances of walking in to the store and just asking if you can have it? I guess that probably depends on the store.

  6. We took them down and tossed them in the bin. I work at Target (just a regular employee, nothing special mind you) and with a lot of the displays we either return them back to corporate or bin them ourselves. Though, at least in my store, we actually raffled off the BB-8 display from TFA.

  7. hahahah went back in today after work scanned electronics and BOOOM there was the standee /island we were referring to. saw “STAR WARS” in the distance and went right too it. mine was all the way in electronics next to the register BAM grabbed BAZE and CHIRRUT BAM ahhaahah. man it was probably there yesterday but i was in a hurry and didnt even look that direction. the trooper stock should have clued me in but the TFA stuff wasn’t out a week before the dvds like this was. real skinny standee only had one of each

  8. What we need is a true 1/12 scale AT-ACT. Which would mean it would be 8.75 feet tall. I never thought I’d ever have to say that getting a 1/12 scale AT-AT would be more realistic (it would only be 6 feet tall).

  9. yea im gonna keep checking those little islands…..
    walgreens also has little “islands” found the whole sandman spiderman wave on a walgreens “island” that wasnt even in the toy aisle

  10. yea me too. i just wish the bucket designs were deviated from the OG stormtrooper, like the AT AT driver was and not entirely brand new.

  11. … It would have been nice if Target had found a way to stay open in Canada… (I’m not an online shopper.)

  12. I saw the remnants on the Chirrut/Baze wave while I was at Target in an island type display between toys and electronics. Might keep an eye out in the aisle.

  13. I look at it as the AT-AT Driver is the cold weather version of the Driver, this AT-ACT Driver is the beach version. Same class but different environments like Storm/Sand/Snow. No clue if that’s even remotely accurate but it makes me feel better.

  14. I’m still trying to figure out why the AT-ACT needs a different driver than the AT-AT. But that’s just me yelling at clouds. I still need to pick up a Hovertank Driver, but this may be the only Rogue One trooper I skip because I don’t even remember seeing him in the movie.

  15. yea i lost track of this guy then stopped into target yesterday around 11am before helping a friend move and BAM there were 4 at-act drivers. grabbed one. bittersweet as i like finding guys i don’t have but i need Baze and Chirrut baaaaddddd and for some reason everytime i go into target im expecting them ahahahahahahahah

    man im gonna be hovering around wal mart late night on april 3rd and will probably take off the morning of the 4th so i can go swipe up everything i can.

    if it’s like TFA dvd/bluray release they’ll be sending boxes of figures with the dvd racks all in one.

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