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Diamond Select: Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Video and Quick Pics

I’ll admit it: I have a Guardians of the Galaxy problem. Movie, comic (although admittedly it’s been some years), somewhere in between, it doesn’t matter. I never had a problem with the classic comic Guardians but you put Star-Lord, Groot, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket together and I’m all over it. That’s why I ended up with the Marvel Select GotG figures.

Nothing against Marvel Select at all, it’s just that I’m mostly a 6-inch scale collector, and Select is 7-inch. But they ad to go and offer up the whole team all at once, no fuss, no muss. That’s just too tempting.

Groot here does not disappoint. At all. Sure, it’s a departure from what we’ve come to expect with Groot, a sentient tree with bark and plates and branches and twigs. This more like a stump head with a root system body. I’m not current with the comics so I can’t speak with any certainty that this is his current look, but really, it’s still Groot. Walking wood. I can see how this wouldn’t blow everyone’s skirts up though.

When it comes down to it it’s a great looking figure with a more-than-adequate articulation layout. I would like a little more range in the elbows but it’s still very nice for what it is. It’s so expressive too. With some subtle tweaks it can express “I am Groot” or bow the head for a little “I am Groot.” So many emotions are possible! But really, the eyes are my favorite part. So, so well done.







8 thoughts on “Diamond Select: Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Video and Quick Pics

  1. This Groot looks fantastic and I think he’d work fine with the 6″ scale as well. I mean he can change his size so he works for legends or select. I’d already have him if marvel shop didn’t screw up my order. Can’t wait!

  2. I see a Disney Logo… So i guess it’s gonna be a store exclusive… I got a location down the street so it’s easy for me… You know.. Get to choose the one without smudges….

  3. It’s way better than the one from the box set for a ML comic version.

  4. This figure is great. I took a gamble and ordered the whole team, hoping at least a few would sit well on the old Marvel Legends shelf. Groot fits in perfectly. You really got to have him in hand to appreciate him. Suprisingly articulated, awesome sculpt, great paint. I have no regrets with this purchase.

    (P.S. Drax and Gamora amd Rocket are all equally amazing and have taken the place of their ML counterparts on my Marvel Legends shelf. They all rock, and they scale very well with Marvel Legend IMHO.)

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