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Mattel: DC Universe Classics Series 4 Batman Beyond

Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond, is an amazing character. At first I was all like, “C’mon. Future Batman?” But then character and concept grew on me. DC’s animated universe, specifically the one Bruce Timm and Paul Dini created, was amazing.

And so is this figure. This another one of those you can pull this figure from cold dead hand. It’s a beautifully crafted figure of a great character. There were two variants, or one regular release and a variant. The regular release being Batman masked and the variant being unmasked Batman holding his mask. Missing in this review is a Batarang, which I have yet to find.

Of all the Four Horsemen Studios bucks created for the line, this is still my favorite, and for some reason I love this sculpt even more on Batman. I kinda wish that the Bronze Age Batman from Series 1 was on this buck. It would fit better with the Neal Adams or Jim Aparo art style from the Bronze Age of DC Comics.

The figure comes on the standard “medium” buck, and is a great fit for the character. I don’t know if Terry should be on a younger thinner buck like Sinestro (at the time) or if this buck is more appropriate. What I do know is that I like this figure. The buck used is imposing and the sleek black of the plastic makes the figure downright scary in dark alley settings. Taking pictures of the figure, I’m reminded of why I will never sell this figure.

While there isn’t a ton of paint on this figure, the shiny plastic used makes this figure pop. It’s like this glossy plastic, or maybe paint finish, but it really shines. It’s fun to pose in low light or against the infinite black background. And the painted eyes and teeth of the masked version make this one scary Batman.

There is only one thing missing from this figure, and that is the signature red wings that allow Batman to fly around, that would have made for some really cool poses. You can still achieve a lot even without the wings, but still. Also you should be able to plug in some S.H. Figuarts or Marvel Legends Iron Man boot repulsors in his feet for jet-boot goodness.

To answer that all encompassing question of “Do you need this figure in your collection”? No. If you don’t care for the DC animated characters, and you are only sticking to “classic” comic characters then this figure doesn’t have a place in your collection. However, as an action figure, this is one of the better figures in my collection. It is a solid example of how to make a cool action figure, and I would highly recommend it for that reason alone.