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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Han Solo Feature

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for a long time and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that Harrison Ford’s likeness is really tough to nail in action figure form. I’ve owned dozens of Han Solo figures over the years and even though the Black Series Han from wave two is one of my favorite figures of all time, I had to give this one a try. Gotta keep chasing the dream of a perfect Han Solo toy. Let’s take another look at the S.H. Figuarts Han Solo.

Han comes with a decent amount of stuff, including fists, gloved hands, open hands, a blaster holding hand, a blaster, and swappable holster.

The holsters are probably my biggest gripe with this figure. The gun doesn’t fit in either one, you just swap out the empty one and the full one depending on your needs.

The holsters peg in through a hole in the belt part of the holster and into the leg. The belt is pretty flexible and there is some slack stored in the waist so that you can move the legs. Unfortunately the pegs are very loose on my Han, and I ended up losing the empty holster piece. It fell off when I didn’t notice and I can’t locate it (womp womp).

The blaster seems a little small and lacking paint. The Hasbro gun (top gun in the above pictures) actually has more paint, which is odd, but the Figuarts gun has sharper detail.

The fists are a nice inclusion, though I haven’t used them much. I like the gloved hands a lot, but I wish there was a trigger finger version.

The sculpt totally feels like the figure stepped out of a promotional still of Harrison Ford from the ’70s. The likeness is really nice as they hit the crooked nose and lopsided grin perfectly.

The face paint is the Figuarts printing technology which seems to be one of those YMMV situations. Some people love it, some hate it. I don’t think it photographs as well up close, but love the look in hand. Fwooshers have noted in our Figuarts thread that there seems to be some inconsistency from figure to figure for some reason. Head over there to check out some different examples. I think the print on mine is pretty good, but the eyebrows seem a little too light and the lips a little too darkly outlined.

One thing I prefer about the Hasbro figure is that they sculpted the sleeves a little higher. They seem overlong to me on the Figuarts Han, and while it’s accurate for arms at rest, any time Harrison moved his arms in the film, those sleeves would ride up.

The articulation moves well with the following points:

  • Ball/socket head, neck, mid-torso, waist, shoulders, and ankles
  • Swivel-hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hips
  • Single-hinged knees and toes

Check out Robo’s review here:

I especially like the way the wrists are on a floating ball hinge and swivel at both ends to the hands can hinge up/down and in/out. I wish that were standard with super-articulated figures. The shoulders connect with a ball and socket inside the chest so they can shrug up and down well.

The only articulation quibble I have is that the hips seem to hinge a little low so he looks a bit off in wide stances.

Overall this is pretty fantastic figure. My main issue is that the holster solution is not great and I ended up losing that damn piece. If anybody wants to cast that thing, I’ll buy it.

It’s a little disappointing to see such variety in the face printing tech, but as a guy who has been buying this stuff since the ’70s, I’m hard pressed to think of a better Han figure outside of Hot Toys. We’ve come a long way since big head Han. The Black Series Han is such a great toy that this one was going to have a hard time winning me over, but the likeness ultimately does it. Be sure to check out Benty’s review if you haven’t already.


27 thoughts on “Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Han Solo Feature

  1. Likeness is spot on from certain angles. Not from every one, but it looks good enough for me.

  2. yeah, I don’t miss hasbro’s offerings at all, the instant drop in paint quality, the overall horrible plasticy shinyness of them, the drop in accessories and making the carbonite Han an impossible exclusive just took all the fun away for me. When they fanfared the scale change as an opportunity to go premium I bought into it and then all they did was prep me for 6 inch scale from better companies

  3. I might just do that, they could be good cheap troop builders, can’t afford to do that with Figuarts

  4. Phantom Menace Obi-Wan and Mace Windu are both pretty good. ANH Luke’s smiling face is … I donno, something seriously irks me about it.

    I think their method of face-sculpting is just flawed. They seem to be taking very specific stills of each character and making faces out of them, instead of looking at the faces of each living, breathing actor, and picking natural facial expressions.

    Example is Qui-Gon’s O-face. I get that it’s supposed to be when he got stabbed by Maul, but it just doesn’t look right in any other context.

  5. I haven’t had a good look at that one yet, but it doesn’t surprise me. Figuarts Star Wars headsculpts have been very hit and miss so far, even on the troopers which at least TBS6″ gets right. I thought they did Padme very well, but Solo is bad, RotJ Luke looked like Malcolm McDowell and I don’t know who ANH Luke looked like but it wasn’t Mark Hamill lol. I’m kind of on th fence about AotC Obi-Wan, in some photo it has a good likeness, in others not so much.

  6. I think I’ll wait to see what the 40th anniversary re-release loos like first. Especially since I think they fixed the head on that version, too.

  7. Yep, like I said, brows are too low, nose is too wide (the comparison big doesn’t divide his face evenly either), mouth is too high and the chin is too large.

  8. Really? People are looking at that face, looking at Harrison Ford and thinking “yep, nailed it?”. It’s terrible. It looks like a caricature of Ford. The face is too fat, the brows are too heavy, the chin is too large, the nose is too wide and the mouth is set too high. The eyes are painted almost as poorly as TBS6″ eyes. Aside from that is nicely painted I’ll give it that much.

  9. Well not the Star Wars but i am beginning to see some of these figures pop up at Toys r Us… They had The Rock and the sculpt was so much more superb than the Mattel offerings!

  10. I don’t think their helmeted figures have ever been the problem. TBS has always been good enough at sculpts. It’s the rest of the execution that can’t compare with Tamashii’s offerings.

  11. I can certainly understand someone being disappointed with Hasbro’s early offerings, especially non-helmeted human faced figures, but Hasbro has been killing it lately with the Black Series. I know they’ve built up some bad blood, but go back and check them out. Heck, my Walmart had all their 6-inch figures on sale for 10 bucks. Go buy a Death Trooper or Scarif Trooper and see if you don’t love them.

  12. oh yeah, they could work wonders with that one. That was another Black series disappointment, I’d forgotten I even bought one he’s pushed so far back in the display!

  13. Also eagerly awaiting a Hoth Pilot Luke, but my biggest want is Luke in the Bespin Fatigues…

  14. this figure more than makes up for my massive disappointment with the Black series shiny Han. I gave up on hasbro after wave 2 and moved over to figuarts, they’re worth every extra penny. I just wish they’d pop them out faster, I’m dying for a hoth pilot luke with this kinda detail. BTW, I may be wrong but I think Han’s blaster had no silver tip in New Hope (or at least, they used a couple and one didn’t) so Figuarts is accurate.

  15. Love the cantina set! Where is yours from? Many of the 3D printed versions I see look very obviously 3D printed with ridged layers

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