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Toy Fair 2017: More NECA

Hey folks, we’ve got pics of new toys at NECA’s booth at the 2017 Toy Fair, but I think the main event are the Superman vs. Aliens and Batman vs. Predator figures!

NECA’s Randy Falk first had the idea of doing these back when they started on the Superman vs. Ali set. NECA navigated the extremely complicated web of licensing which involved Warner Bros, Dark Horse, Fox, et al in order to get to the finish line on these. And what a prize for us. Solid, “classic”, well-articulated Superman and Batman along with really cool Alien and Predator figures. Yes, these are all-new sculpts. No, they don’t share very many parts with each other.

Batman vs. Aliens will be the first set out–hopefully by the end of the summer, followed by Superman vs. Aliens in the fall, and then Armored Batman vs. Predator at the end of the year.

There will be a lot more accessories included that weren’t on display. Batarangs and alternate hands for Batman. Alternate hands for Superman along with removable heat vision lasers both in the short bursts (shown in the pics) and a longer blast.

NECA’s also got more new Alien and Predator merch too, for you horror-heads. Check out the pics!

Also, some more quarter scale figures:

And Evil Dead!

6 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2017: More NECA

  1. Agreed! I have been waiting for a Superman figure this good. I don’t collect Alien or Predator figures but I will buy every DC figure NECA puts out. I wish we could get the entire classic JLA. Heck, I wish NECA had the full DC license!

  2. That Ash 2 pack is sick. Getting a New head plus Gently was amazing. Just fantastic. I love that NECA didn’t just re-release Ash. They seemed to up his accessories, new sculpted heads, and new paint apps. JUST FANTASTIC!!!!

    I love the 18″ MCU and comic line. According to NECA some stuff couldn’t fit or be put together for TF. I cannot wait for future reveals. Still hoping for them to do a Ferrigno Hulk one day. Although in licensing hell, NECA does toy miracles.

  3. Looks like NECA has created the best Batman and Superman figures ever. They did it previously with the NECA Reeves and Keaton. Now we get their comic brothers.

    Looks like NECA made another winner and I cannot wait for the Bats/Supes 2 packs with their Alien counterparts. I did not know I needed this set, but NECA showed me I did. The only thing that will ever top that would be an unmasked Keaton and well civilian Reeves.

  4. Neca is such a boring company. You just know all they’re gonna show off is Alien or Predator related. Besides their TMNTs, their larger scale stuff leaves much to be desired.


    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

  5. I need all of the Evil Dead 2 figures. The new head sculpts for this Ultimate Hero Ash are a big improvement and I was fine with the old head sculpt. I also need that Dardevil. I don’t have space for quarter scale stuff, but I need it.

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