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Hasbro: Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Shatterstar

While most retailers and e-tailers have to wait until April for the new Marvel Legends X-Men wave, Target was able to get it out on the pegs way ahead of schedule. I was lucky enough to find the lion’s share of the wave at a local store, so I treated myself to the two figures that were my key priorities from this wave: Dazzler and Shatterstar. Today we’re going to take a closer look at Shatterstar, a figure based on a character famously created by Rob Liefeld that, for years, was the poster boy for everything that was terrible about comics in the ’90s — but more on that after the jump. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at the new Marvel Legends Shatterstar!

I’ve had a difficult relationship with Shatterstar as a character. For many years, the very sight of him made me cringe. I hated him to the point where I actively campaigned against him when his name came up as a possible candidate for a Legends figure back in the ToyBiz days. I would look at that dumb headgear and just seethe. And since elements of his design were clearly ripped off from Longshot (to be fair, Liefeld always intended for him to be Longshot’s son, but in ’91-’92 that wasn’t common knowledge and the Longshot link wasn’t well known), that just made me resent him all the more. But then years later I read Peter David’s X-Factor, where Shatterstar and Longshot were both featured prominently, and I then understood and appreciated their relationship. And outside the screaming, over-the-top bombast of Liefeld comics from the ’90s, I was able to see Shatterstar as a pretty cool character. So while the modern X-Factor look may be my preferred version of Shatterstar, I was no less excited to get this version when it was announced.

The packaging for this X-wave is very similar to what we saw with last year’s wave. Each figure gets a dedicated box and design, so it’s really cool to see all their actual names on the pegs, rather than something like “Masters of the Mind” that two characters have to share. As part of the Warlock Build-a-Figure wave, Shatterstar comes with the right arm, which can be seen to his right.

The figure itself is beautiful and is a solid representation of the early days of the character. The paint apps are minimal, and much of the figure is cast in a stark white, but the paint apps that are here complement the sculpt well. I don’t have the best eye in the world when it comes to recognizing reused parts, but I do believe the chest/torso comes from Doctor Strange/Hogboblin/Green Goblin, and I can say that the overall build Hasbro went with here suits Shatterstar well and everything feels appropriate for the character. The ONLY thing that seems odd and out of place here is the trigger finger on his right hand. He doesn’t need it. Punisher needs it but didn’t get it. Maybe they can work out something.

When I think of this version of Shatterstar, he’s usually screaming, per Liefeld’s artwork, so it’s a little weird to see him with such a neutral expression. His later X-Factor years saw him depicted in a much more subdued manner, so his expression reminds me more of the modern take then the classic take. Regardless, the sculpt here is beautiful and the paint apps are solid — there’s even a wash over his headgear and his hair that adds some depth and realism that otherwise would not be there. The braids are a soft plastic that don’t hinder articulation, and his ponytail is just malleable enough to work with dynamic poising without getting in the way.

In addition to Warlock’s arm, Shatterstar comes with his two signature swords. They fit nicely in both his hands, despite the aforementioned hand with the trigger finger, and they look decent despite having zero paint apps. And only one of them is double-bladed. I seem to remember him as having two swords with two blades each, so I’m not positive what we got here is accurate to the comics, but I’m sure someone who remembers this era of the character better than I do will let us know in the comments section below.

In terms of articulation, Shatterstar sports every point of articulation that we’ve come to expect from a modern Hasbro Marvel Legends figure. Both his grey cape and brown shoulder pad are made of a softer plastic that works fairly well with his articulation scheme. The shoulder pad does get in the way some because it is so big and obtrusive, but it moves easily and you can work with it to some degree. If you pop his head off, the cape and shoulder pad can easily be removed if you’d prefer more fluid articulation and like his look better with out it. Robo does a full articulation and range of movement breakdown in his video review:

I think it’s so cool to be able to post Shatterstar together with his “parents,” Dazzler and Longshot. While these particular versions of these three characters may not exactly work all that well together, it’s awesome to have this little nuclear family unit together, even if their relationships are a little convoluted beyond the usual mother-father-son (it’s comics — we’d be disappointed if it weren’t convoluted).

Man, I cannot believe I am so excited to have a Marvel legends Shatterstar figure in my collection. Twenty years ago I would have hated this because back then the inclusion of Shatterstar — along with Cable and Deadpool, actually — in the pages of The New Mutants signaled the end of what I loved about Marvel and the Mutant books, and it served as the dawn of the “Liefeld years.” Again, I’ve made my peace with that stuff, but I’m still really surprising myself here. Hasbro continues to more than do justice to these characters, and if they can produce a Shatterstar, who is probably a B-list or C-list character, as nice as this one, then darn it — they can do any character justice.

This wave of Marvel Legends hasn’t really made all the rounds at every retailer yet, so, for the time being, having Longshot’s luck at Target is your only bet. There is a listing on Amazon, but for now only third-party sellers are offering him (at a substantial markup).

28 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends X-Men Infinite Shatterstar

  1. Anyone interested in purchasing an xmen legend series shatterstar? Oddly enough it’s all shatterstar packaging but it’s a dr strange inside

  2. That old mold for Dani has been retired. She would likely have Kate Bishop’s mold.
    Love the idea of a “furry female” mold. That made me smile.
    And they have done smaller BAF like >cough< Hit Monkey, Jubilee and the upcoming Mantis, so I don't see why not.

  3. Wow. Thanks,Aerial! That was an amusing post. I feel like I just walked out of a MARVEL movie! That joke about Shatterstar being a “clown” was pure RDJ Avengers banter. How fun!
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane to my NM days.

  4. Yep! Thems the popular kids!
    Look capt, I work@Target and just picked up Polaris and Sunfire, which are original 1st ×in the line-per my collector canon, so I can wait for the cool kids to hang around.?
    Or I may just wait until they’re a steal online somewhere!?
    Patience my friend.

  5. April?! Okay.Good. I’ve been busy working, but I knew it was some kind of early for these to be released. Checked the halls of Target where I work before clocking in, and saw Polaris,Shatterstar,Sunfire, and the new wave of 4″ LEGENDs series.
    “Already?!” I said. My wallet is NOT ready for this yet. I will be patient.
    …..and wait to get the others later,like ShatteStar whom i left on the pegs and picked up Sunfire and Polaris!

  6. Agreed! That last “figure” was a figurine or mini-statue only worthy of MOC display status.? sold mine even though I collect figurines!

  7. Liefeld designs make for great action figures, that’s why X-Force had a series in the 90s all its own and I hope most of those get redone now, especially the first Cable and Deadpool then the rest of the main team. Kane and Grizzly would be fun bonuses.

    Even the people hating Liefeld enjoy the figures and I’m not surprised. Keep ‘me coming Hasbro!

  8. Hoping this is a sign of more ’90s-era figs to come.

    I’d love a classic Forge, or even a Nate Grey X-Man!

  9. Ah yes, that star symbol! Not sure I ever thought of the connection, but it is on his face and on the left side of the chest (just like Longshot). That’s pretty cool that there was a hint of a connection right in the initial design.

  10. The tattoo/birthmark/whatever over Shatterstar’s left eye is the same “starburst’ logo that Longshot has on his jacket.

  11. Danielle will probably just be the one we saw years ago.
    Sunspot MIGHT be something like what you’re suggesting; probably with Havoc’s “crackle” effects.
    I don’t see Wolfsbane getting a wolf form pack-in. I DO see Wolfsbane and Feral sharing some parts; I wouldn’t be shocked by a “furry female” buck that also gets used for Tigra, Thorne, etc.
    It’s unlikely we’ll ever see a lot pf bases out of Hasbro, but a powered up Magma is possible.
    Cannonball… maybe as the one without a BAF piece, so they could cost out the effect/base?
    Classic Magik, with an alt head? Sure. Alt legs? LOL, no!
    Selene isn’t big enough to require a BAF.

  12. Shatterstar is a pleasant surprise for Marvel Legends, especially this original 90s costume. I had the original Shatterstar figure when I was kid and really liked it, before I even knew anything about the character.

    That “family” photo would look so much better with a Dazzler from the same era, in her blue outfit with brown jacket (Outback?).

    I hope Shatterstar is leading the way for more 90s characters, like the rest of X-Force, and then X-Factor and Excalibur. We need a new Domino, and a first-ever figure of Siryn.

  13. shatter star is long shots and dazzler son but also in a way longshots bio dad since mojo used shatterstars dna to create longshot thus longshot gives new meaning to i am my own grandpa

  14. of course after all shatterstar needs his better half . plus rictor would bring us closer a complete orginal xfactor in ml style.

  15. i will pick up shatterstar mostly for having another member of the original xforce in plastic plus the fact that he is the one x-men character who gives new meaning to i am my own grandpa given that he is longshot and dazzler kid but also longshots bio father given his dna was used to create longshot . hope this means we can get a rictor figure down the road too.

  16. Ok here’s a weird thing. I read this and run to my 2 local targets to see if I can get lucky. I get to the aisle, no yellow boxes. Oh well. But as I round the corner out there is an end so with guardians of the galaxy stuff and I see purple marvel legends boxes. Yee haw! Oh wait, it’s a full case from the first movie series. WTF, mate? It’s gonna take forever to get those 2 damned iron man figures off the pegs!

  17. Man, I keep seeing half of this wave in Targets, and it ain’t the half I want. Dazzler, Old Man Logan, Cyclops, Colossus. Everyone has bought those four up and left the scrubs behind.

    Review Dazzler!

  18. Elements of his design were “ripped off from Longshot?” I can’t see any similarities between the two, so I’m curious what you see them having in common.

  19. That hair… oy.

    Extremely excited for Warlock. Always loved his visual appearance, and it looks like they’ve really nailed him this time.

  20. I will pick up Shatterstar for the same reason as you. X-Factor.
    But it does sting a bit that this clown got done before any of the New Mutants. We got an old Cannonball that haven’t withstand the times, and a Magik in fetish gear from an exclusive box set.
    I’m hoping the coming of Warlock means the NM will trickle down.
    Danielle should come with add-on Asgardian pieces;
    Sunspot with alternative black-out head and a shoulder harness type think with the black crackling.
    Karma would need her mental effect, alt Art Adams head, and a metal leg.
    Wolfbane should have alt wolf head and forearms, and a wolf of course.
    Magma should be powered up, with normal head (which would fit the plain Rahne, so we could get two Wolfsbane) and a mini volcano base.
    Cannonball with alt legs power up or attachment.
    And finally Magik in classic uniform with armoured arm and sword, and alt head with horns, and why not, alt legs-hoofs.
    BAF could be Sy’m, Selene, Demon Bear or even a professor X.
    But I presume we will get first more liefeld characters, like Boom Boom, Rictor, o God forgive…Feral (ugh).

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