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Four Horsemen Studios: Mythic Legions Vitus

If you haven’t heard, Four Horsemen Studios just completed their Mythic Legions 2.0 Kickstarter, where (and I quote) “1,868 backers pledged $934,974 to help bring this project to life.” Holy crap. That’s a whole new record and ball game. Congrats to Four Horsemen Studios on delivering another amazing project.

Vitus, pictured in this article, is from Series 1, which was an amazing project in itself. Vitus is your Greek/Roman variant; his only unique sculpt is the helmet. The rest of the figure uses the standard parts from the knights or barbarians, including the weapons.

These are great figures for the almost 7-inch scale. They are a bit taller than Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Captain America, but a bit smaller than your average 7-inch figure. They can probably fit with any 6- to 7-inch action figure collection you have.

Four Horsemen went with a slightly stylized look. The proportions are heroic, if not on the lightly cartoony side. It’s a look very similar to Masters of the Universe. The armor design is beautiful, as always. If you’ve collected their previous Kickstarter Projects or Fantastic Exclusives, then you’ll know that Four Horsemen have some of the best fantasy designs out there. And Vitus fits right in.

The paint is beautiful to look at. Again, this is another quality aspect of the Four Horsemen projects. Their production of their paint masters is really well done and they figure is a beauty to look at.

The weapons are probably the biggest letdown for me. In their previous lines, Four Horsemen Studios designed some really beautiful fantasy weapons, but these are very generic. There isn’t anything unique about them, and I was really bummed by the design of the shield out of the box. But this does allow one with customizing skills to go nuts and create some of their own works of art.

Do you need this figure for your collection? That’s the question that you want to hear. The answer is it depends. If you are collecting Four Horsemen Studios lines of action figures, then hell yes! It’s another amazing figure from them and stands its own. If you are collecting Masters of the Universe Classics, then another hell yes as this is a great companion line.

Where can you get this figure? No idea, seems to be sold out everywhere. Good luck! And next time, try pledging towards their Kickstarters in good time.

8 thoughts on “Four Horsemen Studios: Mythic Legions Vitus

  1. Love the attention to detail on those figures… Those triceps look weird though…

  2. But we didn’t reach 1 million!!! That’s would’ve been some headline eh? I bet some news outlets would pick it up then. Not sure why that’s even relevant, but would’ve been cool 😛

    This figure here may exemplify why 1.0 flew below my radar. It’s a bit too stylized and bulky, and too MOTUC-like. The females in 2.0 are so much more sleek-looking and I donno… realistically proportioned? Oh and the Goblins are so precious.

    I donno!

  3. As far as why this Kickstarter was more successful, surely you realize there is a more direct relation to this being their second kickstarter than the inclusion of females. There are a lot more fans than ever before, and the 4H have confirmed that each order has surpassed the previous.

    Don’t get me wrong, I bought several of the ladies, but at this point we don’t know who bought how many of what. Perhaps 80% of orders were for goblins… beyond the all in orders and initial pledges, we just don’t know.

  4. I’m really bummed I missed the 2.0 Kickstarter (by a day, shaking my head) but have been slowly accumulating figures from line 1.0 and 1.5. Vorgus, Scaphoid and the Deluxe Barbarian. I loved both of the first waves and 2.0 seems even better. I need the elves, vampire knight, Deluxe Female Barbarian, Calvus, all of the goblins. This line screams out at my inner 1980s sword and sorcery fanaticism and I can’t get enough of these. I don’t social media at all so that’s mainly how I keep missing out on these kickstarter projects but one way or another, the Four Horseman will get my duckets!

  5. Yep, the 50% Kickstarter did twice as well as the 100% male kickstarter, way to smash misogynist assumptions Four Horsemen! Can’t wait for next year to get my shipment hehe.

    I’m not actualy a big fan of this particular figure on aesthetic grounds, but it does illustrate how good 4H are at re-using parts and producing quite unique looking characters. I actually like the weapons, I think having some simple, functional looking weapons is something of a treat in a fantasy setting and makes the fancier ones stand out more.

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