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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Falcon


Marvel Legends Civil War Walmart 2-pack Falcon is a figure that I really want to like. But I can’t. While there is some amazing sculpting, it just doesn’t “hit the mark.” And I really want it to.

This figure represents actor Anthony Mackie’s Falcon character from Captain America: Civil War. Mackie’s Falcon was introduced in Captain America: Winter Soldier and was an instant fan favorite. Another appearance in Ant-Man and the recent appearance in Civil War has not only cemented the character as an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but has also shot Mackie to stardom. The guy can act, looks good, and owns the character. He’s a pleasure to watch on the screen and the character is deserving of a great action figure.


But this isn’t it for me. As I mentioned, there is some excellent sculpting, but the proportions feel all over the place. The arms are really skinny, like they came of the mold and shrunk. The lower legs/calves are really long and the thighs are really short. At first I thought it was me being hyper-critical or maybe going through a Marvel Legends coma, then I started comparing him to Captain America and the shins are definitely longer than Cap’s and the thighs are shorter than Cap’s. This Cap figure, which has been used multiple times since Winter Soldier (review) (review) (review) (review), is the near perfectly proportioned “movie” figure to me. Everything else is held up to it.


The other thing that really bothers me about this figure is the lack of guns. Falcon has guns in the movies. Whatever your opinion on guns, the character uses them and not including them seems like a huge oversight. I get there is a lot of plastic in the package with the wings and Redwing, but seriously, the dude needs his guns.


The other glaring omission from the figure is the “unmasked” head. We’ve gotten ton of unmasked heads, and I was really hoping for a goggleless Mackie. Sadly not this time around. Maybe in that future version with the guns and wings folded into a shield.


The figure comes with the signature wings, a backpack, a folded-up Redwing, and wings-out Redwing. These are great pack-ins and critical to the figure. Especially since Falcon-Cap did not come with wings. The wings are long and snap into the backpack. The plastic is hard, there is a bit of give in them, somewhere between ABS (hard plastic) and PVC (soft plastic). If you are looking to add him to your displays with wings out, you’ll need a good flying stand as his wings take up a lot of shelf real estate and setting a higher up would work.


This is the only Falcon figure we are getting, and I don’t see Hasbro making any changes to the mold. While I don’t recommend the figure, if you are looking to complete your Marvel Legends Marvel Cinematic Universe shelf, you’ll have to live with this figure. It’s not perfect, but it’ll have to do.

You can pick him up here: