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Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Walmart Exclusive Scarif Stormtrooper


My friends, we find ourselves in the grip of Star Wars trooper mania. Death, Scarif, Tank Driver, classic. Everywhere I turn there is a new Stormtrooper of some kind and now Walmart is no different with an exclusive Black Series Scarif Stormtrooper.

Imperial Holocron on Twitter has posted a pic of a sign found in Walmart advertising another addition to the ton of Star Wars store exclusives. It appears to be a version of the Scarif Stormtrooper different from the one we are getting in Rogue One Series 2. That Shoretrooper has a cloth-like skirt and blue markings.


The one pictured in the sign is missing the blue markings and has armor plates hanging from the belt. The series 2 trooper package says “Squad Leader,” so I guess that’s what the blue signifies? I don’t know but it does mean I have another trooper to track down!