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SDCC 2016: Sideshow Toy Booth

sideshowheadlineI made my annual pilgrimage to the Sideshow Toys booth today. I tend to think of it as a Hot Toys museum, and visiting these dolls and photographing them keeps me from starting a Hot Toys collection. These figures are fabulous. Take a look!

I usually start off with the Marvel guys and there was a ton of Civil War themed figures on display. I think Bucky looked particularly lifelike.

They also had quite a few figures from The Force Awakens, including the new Han and Chewie figures. I was studying the hair paint job on Han and I think I now have an idea of how I want to paint my Black Series Han’s hair. The new Luke is pretty amazing.

It seems like every company is making Suicide Squad figures, and, as you would expect, these are some of the nicest. I’m starting to like the looks of Leto’s janky Joker looking at all of these toys.

These Ninja Turtles statues are HUUUGE. Not something I would buy or have the space to display, but fun to look at for sure. The style feels unique, but each Turtles’ personality comes through.

They had quite a few mixed media statues as per usual.

I feel like I’ve been seeing the Back to the Future Delorean for a few years now, but this year it’s spiced up a bit with some Back to the Future II figures.

Finally, Sideshow had a display of their Bounty Hunter figures. I went a little nuts taking pics of these because the Empire Strikes Back hunters are personal favorites of mine.