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MOTUC Feature: Lord Masque

Lord Masque_01This month sees the release of the first figure of the Collector’s Choice subscription, Lord Masque. Masque’s delivery was delayed a bit by production issues, and I received my figure on Thursday. Let’s take a look at Masque!

Lord Masque_02Bio

There is no bio. I’m assuming that the bios are done for this line, but I suppose we’ll know for sure when the next figure ships without one. I liked the bios. At the very least they served as a kickstart for me to think about the nature of the character.

Lord Masque_03I’d imagine that Masque’s bio would be very much about the one episode of the Filmation series where he appeared: “House of Shokoti Part I.” In this episode, Masque takes several steps to dissuade Eternians from disturbing the tomb of his demonic mistress, Shokoti.

Lord Masque_08Accessories

The figure comes with a sword and a shield.

Lord Masque_04The weapons match up with Thunder Punch He-Man from The New Adventures of He-Man line.

Lord Masque_05You can give the weapons to your NA He-Man to make a facsimile of that NA He-Man figure, though you would be missing the harness.

Lord Masque_06I just use the accessories for Masque, especially the sword.

Lord Masque_07When I think about Masque, I don’t really think of a guy who wields a sword and shield, I think of spell casting, so some spell casting hands or effects would have been preferred — something like that rather than the sword and shield we got. The accessories we have have sort of made me re-think what Masque could be.

Lord Masque_09Sculpt

The sculpt is good, but Mattel’s penchant for dulling the sharp parts of figures really hurts the look of the horns on Masque’s mask.

Lord Masque_10It’s just not imposing as it could be. The harness and cape are two separate pieces, which is nice if you want to customize.

Lord Masque_11The mask and hood look like they might be separate pieces, but if they are, they are glued tightly together. I would have liked the mask to be removable to mimic the scene in the episode where Orko beats Masque.

Lord Masque_12Articulation

The articulation is standard for MOTUC, and the head has slightly limited neck movement since it’s a fairly wide hood.

Lord Masque_13Paint

Paint is a little off to my eye as I feel that the brown of the main body should be a little darker and warmer, and the blue of the gloves should be a little darker as well.

Lord Masque_14Overall

I was a little sad when we originally had to choose between Huntara and Masque for a slot in the Club Eternia subscription, so I’m glad to see him in this sub now. I do find him a bit underwhelming between the off accessories and colors. Still, a disappointing MOTUC figure is better than most figures on the market, so it’s not all bad.

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